20 Blessings of 2020
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20 Blessings of 2020

This year has been something else, but that doesn't mean it did not have its moments. Here are 20 things I am grateful for from the year, and maybe you are too!!!

20 Blessings of 2020

We lived it, we are still living it for a few more weeks. 2020 was worse than any ex I have ever had. But like those failed attempts at love, there was also a sprinkle of good here and there yall. There were so many hardships, and this is not to negate that fact. This is both for me and you, to remind us all that our silver linings do exist, even in these trying times. 2020 I will not miss you. Here are 20 of the things I could miss though!!!

Family x93857

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Randomly moving home in the middle of the prime of my life? Obviously not part of my five year plan. However, more time with my family, from the movie nights to the lake campfires, that is time I will always be grateful for.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Baby

Chilling Remote Control GIF by MOODMAN Giphy

Oh yall already KNOW. I love a good book, but these outlets sure did keep me sane.

School...believe it or not

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While online school would not be my preference, the opportunity to be educated in the middle of a global health crisis is absolutely insane. I did not have to push back my education. Incredible.

Friends that have Intention>>>>

Season 10 Hug GIF by Friends Giphy

I love my friends so much...I am also horrible at answering texts in a timely fashion. My friends know this, and made sure to reach out anyways. Being checked on was the most heart warming thing, and I plan on caring that over once this mess called Covid is a distant memory.

New Music

sidestep harry styles GIF Giphy

Harry, I am talking to you. Love you xx

Time to Reflect

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Would've asked for a little less here, but having afternoons on the back porch to safely think about how much I have and love...good times.

Good Books

read beauty and the beast GIF by Disney Giphy

Books and books and more books. When the anxieties of life were overwhelming (so um often this year obviously), I had a nice and healthy outlet to escape. Incredibly thankful.

Hometown Honeys

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I love my hometown, but did not plan on living there again once graduation. Neither did my hometown friends. We were all in it together, and that was a huge comfort.

Whew yall my JOB

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This is a huge one. I am employed, and the financial perk plus the consistency is so nice. Really really thankful here.

Grocery Pick Up, can I get an amen??

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Yall we could be fed without going inside. 10/10

My Med School and Nursing Friends

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Ya girl is a hypochondriac...my med/nursing friends assured me frequently that I do in fact have allergies, not yet dying.

The Bachelorette, hear me out.

Season 6 Wink GIF by Bachelor in Paradise Giphy

A sense of normalcy. Every Tuesday I went to my favorite lil adpi house and watched 2 hours of trashy tv while being surrounded by humans that I love dearly. It forced me to be social (I am extroverted so I needed this), to see my friends even when stressed, and to make time for my mental health. This is another memory I will remember forever.

This Generation's View of Mental Health

Feel Better Mental Health GIF by Sarah The Palmer Giphy

Checking in, reminding each other (those we know and do not) that it is so okay to not be okay, and normalizing talking about struggling...awesome. So awesome. We have made so much progress in creating a society that doesn't worship the idea of bottling up imperfections or struggle.

Insta, Snapchat, the Works

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Staying connected. That's it.

Tik Tok needed its' Own

Happy So Excited GIF by TikTok Giphy

The amount of hours should be embarrassing, but heaven knows I do not get embarrassed easily. I belly laughed and danced and cried. Love tik tok.

Georgia <3

veronica mars wink GIF Giphy

Blueeeeeeee ;) #iykyk ...I hope yall all know.


Monsters Inc Hug GIF Giphy

We are all touch deprived. It's a human need. Being hugged releases so many good hormones, and I appreciate every hug I received in 2020.

Random Dance Parties

Brits GIF by BRIT Awards Giphy

Whether it was dancing with just Lizzo and I, with all of my friends, with my mama, this was such a great activity of 2020.


bored matthew perry GIF by Nick At Nite Giphy

I love my roommates. Just do.

Belly Laughing

Captain America Laughing GIF by mtv Giphy

My favorite feeling is when I cannot breathe from laughing so hard, and even in these dagum trying times I managed to have many of these moments. Not even 2020 can keep the belly laughs away, and I am beyond grateful for that.

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