19 Signs You Might Be A Granola Girl
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19 Signs You Might Be A Granola Girl

If you like coffee, own a hammock, and hike at least once a month, you might be granola.

19 Signs You Might Be A Granola Girl
Kaylin Thompson / Instagram

First of all, "Granola" is not just a trend or hobby — it’s a way of #life. Just kidding, no true Granola would use a hashtag, we only use lower case lettering and periods in our Instagram posts. We have to keep up the ~ aesthetic ~

But seriously, you probably all clicked on this asking yourself what the heck does “Granola,” mean. Is it a noun, is it an adjective? Well, you’ve come to right place, because I think once I’ve explained it, some of you might come to your senses and realize… “Dang, that’s me.”

This term is defined in Urban Dictionary as “a new-age/more civilized hippie,” and my friend explained this is a term to describe all of us who show off their hiking-Instagram-worthy camp counselorness! If you’re still not sure whether you fall into this category, check the list below.

You might be granola if...

1. You have an arm full of friendship bracelets, pony tail holders, and a watch

2. You have a small tattoo, probably in a language other than English.

3. You wear small delicate jewelry, because you want to show you care... but not TOO much.

Gotta get that ring stack.

4. You are in possession of around 4-5 cloth headbands, preferably with a cool pattern.

We'll take one in every color, please.

5. Your refillable water bottle and laptop are decked out in stickers from the three camps you’ve counseled at as well as the 6 mountains you climbed last summer.

6. Your backpack has key chains galore.

7. You own a pair of Chacos and those babies are worn out.

8. You drink coffee and talk about it, like, alllllll the time.

Like I can't even describe how much Granola's like coffee.

9. Your Instagram is full of landscape photos from your adventures.

10. You own a scratch off map with all the places you’ve traveled to.

11. You have a Polaroid camera for all the artsy pics you’ll get against walls and such.

12. You have a cliff bar stuffed into every bag you own... just in case.

13. You’ve thought about starting a blog, or have one and write on it religiously.

14. You have a hammock that you use every day, of every week.

15. You own a succulent that you’ve personally named.

16. You listen to ‘Mumford and Sons’ on repeat.

17. You visit your farmer’s market every weekend.

18. You know exactly when the next food/music festival’s coming near you.

19. You never go anywhere without your favorite flannel.

Obviously, this was all in good-fun and I wouldn’t be able to list these traits possessing them myself. So, what do you think? Are you granola? Are Granolas the new hipsters? We shall see. In the meantime, I’m going to journal in my Eno while drinking an iced coffee.

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