My Best Friend Is 92 And Here Are 92 Reasons She Is My Best Friend
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My Best Friend Is 92 And Here Are 92 Reasons She Is My Best Friend

92 and completely and utterly THRIVING

My Best Friend Is 92 And Here Are 92 Reasons She Is My Best Friend
Marissa Chappell

If it isn't clear my BFF is my Grandma, and yes, she knows what BFF means. She never fails to give me someone to talk to and is always interested in my life. She is the most caring person I know and always wants the best for not only her family but acquaintances. I wish her the very best of birthday and I know 92 will be another year of growing and learning new things to prepare her for 93!

 She keeps me updated 

With politics... 

The government... 

the stock market... 

...and with our family all over the country

She is the funniest 92 year old ever 

In fact, she is one of the funniest people I know

She has no clue how funny she is 

She hates dogs

but secretly loves my dog 

She will never admit that she loves my dog

She prefers desserts over dinner 

She has waffles for dinner 

She doesn't make me feel bad about getting 7 different desserts on my plate at family events... 

 ...Because she puts 8 desserts on hers

 She makes moistest cakes 

and the cheesiest potatoes Au Gratin

Shes still a kid at heart 

 She still enjoys Christmas morning...

 And all the gifts 

 She'll keep me company when I'm bored

 Calls me when she misses me  

 And I can always rely on her answering me when I miss her 

 She has the comfiest sweaters 

 and the softest pink jacket 

 She loves the color Pink

 and turquoise 

 She can clean up all the papers on her desk in a day 

 and then make a mess of the desk the next day

 She is content as long as she has a book...

 in the car 

 on the beach 

 in bed 

 on an airplane 

 in her garden 

 92 doesn't stop her from gardening 

 She hates weeds 

 And loves Azaleas

 She has MANY talents... 

 like setting her security alarm off and not being able to hear it 

 making a boiled egg explode 

 She has lift to go up and down her stairs, but she just walks

 And she knows how to tell a telemarketer to leave her alone!

 but most impressive is she donates to every cause she can


 Kappa Delta PCAA

  and of course the republicans

 She always sits in the back seat 

 Because the passenger seat is the "death seat"

 Everyone, who is anyone, loves her 

 My friends... 


 Bank Tellers...

 And even the grumpiest TSA agent 

 Every family vacation I share a room with her 

 And she makes sure to bring an endless supply of snacks

 She puts two things in a drawer and its officially hers 

 She is always willing to try new foods 

 Even if she has no clue what it is.

I swear thanksgiving she experimented with more foods than me

 She likes a strawberry with every bite of cereal 

 She has 0 filter...

 And rather than making people mad, she just makes them laugh 

 She will watch award shows 

 Even if she has no idea what's going on in current media 

 She loves to feel young 

 91 is young, 92 is old 

 She always clarifies she is NOT 92

 She's always down to have a glass of pink moscato 

 She loves watching football...

 ...even thought she cant follow the ball 

 Basketball is another one of grammys favorites...

...because she can follow the ball

 2 Madeline cookies are just enough for breakfast 

 and so is a piece of cake 

She loves watching new shows and trying new things 

She is completely against learning new pop culture 

She TRIES to keep up with the latest gossip in the Hollywood world 

She has the comfiest guest beds 

She is incredibly supportive

She attended my high school graduation 

 All my dance recitals 

My senior fashion show 

She loves watching me achieve my goals 

She always has to match her outfit of the day to her shoes 

92 doesnt stop her from being stylish 

Poka dots are one of her favorites

Her care packages to me at college come with all the necessary necessities 

like tissues....

Jelly Beans...

and little notebooks she receives in the mail 

She loves me with all her heart and never fails to show it

 92  will never stop her from living like she's 25 and enjoying every second she has on this Earth! 

Happy birthday, Grammy! I hope 92 treats you as well as 91, 90, 89... etc. etc. Love you very much and wish I were there to celebrate with you! <3

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