9 Signs You're A 20-Something Grandma

9 Signs You're A 20-Something Grandma

If you've exhibited any of these symptoms, you may be turning into a young-old person.

9 Signs You're A 20-Something Grandma

I honestly wish I was the 23-year-old that could go out all day and night, sleep four hours and then repeat the same thing four times a week. But here's the thing, y'all: I just can't.

After only about a month my 21st year, I quickly realized that bars are so overrated (and expensive), especially when I could be at my apartment with my friends drinking $6 wine. That's not to say a night out every once in a while isn't a nice change of pace, but if you're anything like me, you know this struggle.

1. Why does a night out have to start at 11 p.m.??

I have never understood this, simply because so many hours prior to that are being wasted! Why can't we go out to eat, have some cocktails and THEN hit the club? I'm just saying, the time frame before 11pm has SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES. There is nothing I hate more than sitting around feeling my time be wasted, and waiting til the ass-crack of dawn to leave my house just makes me physically angry. Not to mention I'm most likely asleep by the time my Uber finally comes.

2. No, I don't want a jager bomb.

GET THAT SATAN SYRUP AWAY FROM ME. I like a good shot but this 'ish will make you wanna die.

3. Youths are so loud.

I'm really glad y'all are having a good time, but there is no reason to shout in this Taco Bueno, Ashley.

4. Sometimes you want to go out and party like there is no tomorrow but your body can't keep up.

Turns out even if you're young and healthy your body slowly starts to be less and less forgiving.

5. Not to mention, dealing with creepy club dudes.

The conversation with whom usually goes something long the lines of: "What's that? Oh no, I'm here with someone. N-no thank you, I already have a drink. No, n- yeah no no, I've never tried cross fit."

6. AND dealing with crowded, loud spaces is a NIGHTMARE.

7. Youth culture confuses the hell out of you.

I'm still trying to understand where "Bye Felicia" came from. Is it still a thing?

8. And modern dating is even more confusing.

9. There's no use in denying it- you've become a young-old person. You do you, but remember to emerge from your blanket and wine lair every now and again for some social interaction, ya little hermit. It'll do ya good (even if you feel it in ya' bones the next day).

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