Every day, I wish I could tell you so much. I wish I could tell you how much I miss you, how heartbroken our family is, especially my mom. I'm sure you're not surprised by any of this, but I wish I could tell you. I wish I could tell you everything that's happened since you've passed away.

Where to begin? Well after a terrible junior year, my senior year of high school was a blast. I drove to school every day and got a good part in the play. I went to Disney World on the Senior trip, then went to Europe with my sister on that Theater trip you didn't want us to go on. It was a once in a lifetime experience though and we were totally safe.

I choose the only college I wanted to go to, Towson University. I'm currently in my second year and am studying film. I'm in a film society and a sorority, and through these groups, I've made lifelong friends. My first year of college was a success. I met some wonderful people and really blossomed into an independent young woman.

I've had two boyfriends since you passed. The first one was very kind and treated me well. We went to senior prom together and broke up eventually because he was a sophomore and I was headed to college. The second one I'm currently dating. He is exactly my type: cute, into movies and perfectly nerdy. He is beyond sweet and treats me like a princess. I'm very happy with him. I wish you could meet him, I think you would like him.

There are so many people I've met, experiences I've had that I wish I could tell you all about. I often wonder how you'd feel about them. I wonder how you'd feel about the shape of the world today. I think you would try to find some good amidst all the bad. I know that you would never lose hope.

Every day I wish you were here. Every day I wish I could tell you everything I'm feeling, you always knew exactly what to say. Every day I miss your wit, you warmth, and your magnetic personality. Every day I miss you. Every day I wish I could tell you how much I love you.