Although it may feel like "senioritis" is really killing you during these last few weeks of high school, it's important to keep your motivation high and end your high school years on a positive note. Your life is about to change, and quite a bit. College will bring you a completely new (and exciting) experience. Whether you're staying close to home or going off to a new state, you're about to be on your own with a whole new set of responsibilities. So, enjoy these last few weeks as best as you can.

Grab ahold of those friendships you've made along the way, these people helped shape you into the person you are today. Whether these friendships were made in elementary school or your freshman year of high school, enjoy every moment you spend with them. For some of you, you just might be lucky enough to go off to college with your best friends, for others, you may be going to different schools across the state, or, even different schools across the country. Laugh so hard until your cheeks hurt, stay up late watching movies and live in each moment, love all of them.

I know at times it may seem like school is dragging on, and you feel like it's pointless as the work becomes less and less towards the end of the year, but pull through, hang on, and don't be in such a rush. Notice the little things you enjoy so much, like the little hang out you and friends go to after school or the furry friends who greet you every time you came home. Thank your family for all that they do for you, and the wonderful support system they've always been.

Now, the point isn't to not be excited about college, you definitely should be. It's just to slow down, enjoy each day and live them to the fullest. Look how fast these last 13 years flew by.

Dance your heart out at prom, have a silly senior prank, enjoy your senior skip day, and smile big for Mom as you cross the stage at graduation. Be proud of yourself, be excited for what college has to offer, and most importantly, stay true to yourself.