To the High School Senior,

You’re a month away from one of the first of many major milestones in your life!

Let that sink in for a second, and breathe in the coming freedom. In a few months, you’ll be kissing mom and dad goodbye, going on spontaneous late night Waffle House runs, and realizing college is a lot more than just a couple of late night study sessions. But, before you wish the upcoming dull months of summer away that seem to drag on before Move-In Day, take in the life you have right now!

Hang out with your friends as much as you can before graduation. Eat dinner with your family every night and ask them how their day was. Stop worrying about that summer job interview and those upcoming finals because college will allow you plenty of opportunities to stress about the future, TRUST ME!

Life only gets more complicated and more wonderful from here. Every up and down has a purpose and place. Miley got it right when she sang that life is a climb. So enjoy your life right now in the stage you are in. Don’t go to sleep without hugging your little sister and telling your parents how much you love and appreciate them. Take every moment in, take mental pictures of your locker, and how your best friend laughs at the dumb blonde moments you have.

Fix the broken relationships with that girl or boy in your English class. If you messed up, then own up. We are all only human. Forgiveness is such a powerful and beautiful concept. Too few of us take advantage of it, which will make you stand out. Look forward to the future, but don't forget what you're leaving. You have a month left, make the most of it! And don’t expect a High School Musical moment, life’s better than that because perfect movie endings are boring.


The Girl Who Wishes She Had Taken Her Own Advice