If you're a high school senior, your summer calendar might look a little like this: Monday-Friday, work work work! Fit in some pool time, shopping, and movies with the girls. College shopping. Saturday: Grad party one, two, andddd three. And all on repeat, every week, until mid-July.

Grad parties can get pretty repetitive, but they are fun ways to be with friends and family at the same time! Here are some top graduation gift ideas, from the girl that has been through #GradSzn a few too many times.

1. Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond gift cards

Can't go wrong here! Chances are half of the dorm decor and organization will be from the aisles of your local BBB or Target, so it's always a safe bet to go with either one of these stores. College freshman will need mattress toppers, bedding, drawers, rugs, and even fridges, and both places are top destinations for these items when you are a graduating senior.

2. Tie blankets

I got two tie blankets when I graduated, and I used both of them regularly in my dorm and at chilly football games! One of mine matched the theme of my dorm, and the other was an Illini blanket; perfect for football and study time on the quad. They are great for cozy movie nights, plus whenever I used them, they reminded me of my pals from home.

3. Picture frames

My shelves were filled with photos of vacations, friends, and fun memories, and a lot of the frames were some graduation presents from friends! These are always fun options to keep your dorm decorated and "homey."

4. Anything that has to do with Starbucks

I didn't have to pay for any coffee during the first semester of college because of all the gift cards I accumulated from graduation! I also got a cute Starbucks cup and I used it a lot for water when I was at class or work.

5. School gear

T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, even winter hats. Anything with the school logo on it will make for one happy graduate!

6. School supplies

Colored pens, highlighters, post-it notes, staplers, Sharpies...and the list goes on! Even "around the house supplies" like screwdrivers, hammers, scissors, and cleaning supplies will come in handy throughout the year.

Good luck and have fun this summer, you got this!