Goody Grace is a 21-year-old musician from Manitoba, Canada. He was a high school drop out who moved to LA at just 17 years old. His style can described as a mixture of pop, punk, and hip-hop. He released his first single back in 2015, and since has taken off and released his own EP last year. Goody has a style of music that can encompass any mood you are feeling, and your parents will like him as well!

1. Hype songs

Goody Grace has released songs such as "Two Shots," "Vanilla Coke," "Memories" and others that make you want to go out, get drunk, and have a great time.

2. Emotional songs

Goody's songs such as "Rest Your Eyes," "WYWH," "Cabin," and others are very emotional songs that pull at your heartstrings (literally, in "Girls in the Suburbs Singing Smith's Songs"). Goody pours his heart out sharing his most personal moments and insecurities with his fans.

3. Collaborations with big stars

Goody Grace has collaborated with big stars like G-eazy, Jessue Rutherford (From The Neighbourhood), Gnash, Riff Raff, Hoodie Allen, and more. Becoming friends and partners with stars with big names will help Goody Grace gain popularity into the mainstream music market.

4. Timeless sound

While Goody Grace has a unique style of music, it is a timeless sound that all ages can enjoy. I've made my friends, parents, and even grandparents listen to Goody Grace, and they've all said how amazing of a voice he has. Goody has all the traits necessary to you a long-lasting music career.