When I first met you, I didn't realize the impact you would have on my life. You were the "bitch with nice hair," and I was the "one blonde new girl". From being coworkers to road trip besties, cornhole partners, family event tag-alongs, secret confidants, and most importantly - best friends; it never gets easier saying goodbye.

When I first lived without you more than fifteen minutes away, it was such a hard transition. You sent me off with a farewell post on social media that left me crying in my dorm on move-in day. You talked about whoever becomes my new best friend and what you hope she knows for me and about me. It said some of my favorite things and things I couldn't stand. You had hopes for someone that could treat me half as good as you do. Even though I did meet one of my best friends being away from you, it didn't make me forget about each time I missed you. There are times I wanted it to be you that was there when I cried, when I laughed, or even when I just slept all day.

Being away from you didn't mean you weren't around. I'll always remember one time when I was having such an awful night, and you talked me through everything on the phone, and when I looked down, I had a receipt emailed to me from Dominos. I mentioned that I hadn't eaten, so you sent me a pizza. At midnight. In a different city. It was so simple, but it meant the world to me. I think that sums up most of our friendship.

I would come back home most weekends to work, and you still always made time to see me. Even when I didn't come home from school, you made the journey to visit. You went to parties with me, danced with me, slept in the awful dorm beds with me, and we found another little diner to help cure our hangovers in a new city - just like we would back home.

I know you're the more caring, sweeter, more sympathetic friend, and I'm kind of an asshole, but I appreciate you more every day. From days we don't speak to you living at my house for weeks at a time, you're my best friend. I appreciate everything you do for me, and everything you say to me when I need it. Any time you need a late-night drive or a Charlie St. Cloud movie night (Yes, I actually might watch it for once), or someone to sing Bed Rock with, I'll be here.

All you ever have to do is call, and I'm there. Always. I leave you again in five weeks, and the transition to seeing you less again is going to hurt like it did the first time. I don't think saying goodbye to you will ever get easier, but as long as it's not permanent I know we will be okay.

I know Aero didn't prepare us for this, but I'm so grateful it pushed us here. I love you, MG.