Tuesday, Milo Yiannopoulus, the editor of British alt-right news website "Breitbart," announced that he will be resigning from his position from the blog, effective immediately. This comes amidst media scrutiny after leaked video footage shows the former editor appearing to condone pedophilia. Immediately after the footage was released Yiannopoulos lost a publishing deal for his book "Dangerous," and a speaking event at the American Conservative Union.

During a press conference where he announced his resignation, Yiannopoulos apologized for his comments by saying that it was all a misunderstanding and there was manipulative editing done to the video. The comments mentioned in the leaked video gave the appearance that Yiannopoulos was condoning pedophilia. "I do not believe any change in the legal age of consent is justifiable or desirable," Yiannpoulos says, "We get hung up on this kind of child abuse stuff, this arbitrary and oppressive idea of consent."

Yiannopoulos defended his comments during a press conference the Tuesday after by explaining that because he was sexually abused as a child by two men, including a priest, he felt that he could say whatever he wanted to on the subject. Yiannopoulos also believes that his "sassy, gay" humor and articulation was misinterpreted.

Yiannopoulos is far from being an honest reporter. As the former editor and writer for Breitbart, which pushes a conservative-heavy agenda, Yiannopoulos has written several hateful articles where he ridicules just about every single minority and group that isn't a white male. A few of his articles include: "10 Things I Hate About Islam," "How Feminism Hurts Men and Women" and "No, JC Penney, Fat People Should Absolutely Hate Themselves."

The truth is, Milo Yiannopoulos is a narcissistic internet troll who should have been taken off the air a long time ago. The only way Yiannopoulos can fuel his idiocentric ego is by using his internet power to tear down any person who doesn't look like him; he's basically your insecure middle school bully. I've met 10-year-olds with a better moral compass and self-esteem than Yiannopoulos.

But when he is actually called out for his bigotry, Yiannopoulos loves to use his sexuality as a cop out. Throughout the video, Yiannopoulos uses his disgusting comments to refer to the "gay world," as if he is some sort of martyr for the LGBTQ community. News flash, Milo, I've dated plenty of people of the same sex, but it doesn't give us an excuse to be an asshole. And you should really stop referring to your sexuality whenever you get into trouble, you're making us all look bad.

Needless to say, Yiannopoulos's resignation is much more of a blessing than it is a disappointment. In a media world full of fake news and click bait, it's reassuring to know that there is one less internet troll to add to the problem.

So long, Yiannopoulos! You will not be missed.