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As Someone Who Works In The Industry, Here Are My 5 Golf Predictions For 2019

The listicles are back, baby!


Yes, this is not a joke, the listicles are back in action, and for good reason. Since I began writing for Odyssey in 2015, I have written five golf predictions for the incoming year.

With the end of the 2010s upon us, the golf industry is in for some major changes. The rules are changing, pros are going through an interesting evolution in physical and mental ability, and companies are getting even better with the products they are releasing. However, with all of the predictions articles I make, I only do five of them per article, mostly because it's an easy number to remember, and some of my predictions that I make are kind of ridiculous, and this is coming from the writer himself. Anyways, enough stalling, here are my 2019 predictions:

1. Tiger Woods will have a multiple-win season in 2019.

Tiger Woods picked up win number 80 at the last official PGA Tour event of the 2017-2018 at the Tour Championship. His performance there showed that he is definitely back, and now that it is the off-season for the big cat, he will be more prepared than ever as this is the first time in years he has been 100% healthy and he has been playing tons of tournament golf. For this reason, I predict Tiger will have a multi-win season in 2019. Does that season include majors? Hard to predict at this point.

2. Super-bombers will take over professional golf. 

This young gentleman by the name of Cameron Champ has broken golf headlines after completing just one season on the tour. Averaging 340 yards, Cameron is literally the longest golfer in the history of PGA Tour probably since Tiger in the early 2000s. The new generation of super-bombers in the game of golf will be taking over, and Cameron Champ will be leading the charge. Can you imagine someone that is 30 yards longer than Dustin Johnson? Well, here is the monster that is, and there is probably more out there we aren't aware of yet that will be making their way into the tour. Short hitters: Hone that short game, because earning money in professional golf has just gotten a little bit harder.

3. Taylormade Golf will get bought out (again).

Back in 2017, Taylormade Golf was sold off from Adidas to KPS Partners for a surprisingly low 425 million dollars. However, I predict that Taylormade Golf will get sold off again. Why this rumor out of all others? Well, two things. Let's start with Justin Rose. Justin Rose has literally kept the worst secret in the professional golfing world the last three months or so.

The secret and it has a 95% chance of happening, is that Rose is switching from Taylormade to a Japanese company called Honma Golf. Interestingly enough, the old CEO of Taylormade, Mark King, is now the new CEO of Honma. Coincidence? I don't think so. To me, Justin Rose was the odd man out when paying all the top guys Taylormade has now (Tiger Woods included), but his Taylormade equipment is very reliable. I think they get bought out by Honma at the end of 2019, into the beginning of 2020, but we'll have to wait and see with this one.

4. Smylie Kaufman will win a tournament in 2019.

Oh, Smylie Kaufman. The one-time PGA Tour winner has had one of the biggest struggles of a tour season a pro can have. Since 2016, he's missed 38 cuts. He shot in the 80s eight times, and his scoring average of 74.89 put him almost dead last on tour. However, now that he is no longer playing with the injured elbow, he'll be coming back healthy, and out for blood for the last couple of years. He gets five starts on tour in 2019 thanks to a medical exemption, I really hope he plays well because he out of all people doesn't deserve the struggle.

5. Rory Mcilroy or Jordan Spieth will win the Grand Slam.

Both of these guys had a sub-par 2018 season. Yes, I'm aware Rory won one tournament in 2018 (Arnold Palmer Invitational), but besides that and the Ryder Cup, he really hasn't done much. Now on Jordan Spieth, that putter had a cold streak that could be considered global warming. He really didn't make as many putts as he usually does, and that's concerning. However, both of these guys are trying to get a good 2019 and I think one of them will finally win a grand slam *fingers crossed*.

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To The Coach Who Took Away My Confidence

You had me playing in fear.
"The road to athletic greatness is not marked by perfection, but the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure."

As a coach, you have a wide variety of players. You have your slow players, your fast players. You have the ones that are good at defense. You have the ones that are good at offense. You have the ones who would choose to drive and dish and you have the ones that would rather shoot the three. You have the people who set up the plays and you have the people who finish them. You are in charge of getting these types of players to work together and get the job done.

Sure, a coach can put together a pretty set of plays. A coach can scream their head off in a game and try and get their players motivated. A coach can make you run for punishment, or they can make you run to get more in shape. The most important role of a coach, however, is to make the players on their team better. To hopefully help them to reach their fullest potential. Players do make mistakes, but it is from those mistakes that you learn and grow.

To the coach the destroyed my confidence,

You wanted to win, and there was nothing wrong with that. I saw it in your eyes if I made a mistake, you were not too happy, which is normal for a coach. Turnovers happen. Players miss shots. Sometimes the girl you are defending gets past you. Sometimes your serve is not in bounds. Sometimes someone beats you in a race. Sometimes things happen. Players make mistakes. It is when you have players scared to move that more mistakes happen.

I came on to your team very confident in the way that I played the game. Confident, but not cocky. I knew my role on the team and I knew that there were things that I could improve on, but overall, I was an asset that could've been made into an extremely great player.

You paid attention to the weaknesses that I had as a player, and you let me know about them every time I stepped onto the court. You wanted to turn me into a player I was not. I am fast, so let me fly. You didn't want that. You wanted me to be slow. I knew my role wasn't to drain threes. My role on the team was to get steals. My role was to draw the defense and pass. You got mad when I drove instead of shot. You wanted me to walk instead of run. You wanted me to become a player that I simply wasn't. You took away my strengths and got mad at me when I wasn't always successful with my weaknesses.

You did a lot more than just take away my strengths and force me to focus on my weaknesses. You took away my love for the game. You took away the freedom of just playing and being confident. I went from being a player that would take risks. I went from being a player that was not afraid to fail. Suddenly, I turned into a player that questioned every single move that I made. I questioned everything that I did. Every practice and game was a battle between my heart and my head. My heart would tell me to go to for it. My heart before every game would tell me to just not listen and be the player that I used to be. Something in my head stopped me every time. I started wondering, "What if I mess up?" and that's when my confidence completely disappeared.

Because of you, I was afraid to fail.

You took away my freedom of playing a game that I once loved. You took away the relaxation of going out and playing hard. Instead, I played in fear. You took away me looking forward to go to my games. I was now scared of messing up. I was sad because I knew that I was not playing to my fullest potential. I felt as if I was going backward and instead of trying to help me, you seemed to just drag me down. I'd walk up to shoot, thinking in my head, "What happens if I miss?" I would have an open lane and know that you'd yell at me if I took it, so I just wouldn't do it.

SEE ALSO: The Coach That Killed My Passion

The fight to get my confidence back was a tough one. It was something I wish I never would've had to do. Instead of becoming the best player that I could've been, I now had to fight to become the player that I used to be. You took away my freedom of playing a game that I loved. You took away my good memories in a basketball uniform, which is something I can never get back. You can be the greatest athlete in the world, but without confidence, you won't go very far.

Cover Image Credit: Christina Silies

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The Heart Of A Champion: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods inspires millions with fifth Masters title and the comeback of a lifetime.


Tiger Woods. What do you think of when you hear that name?

For me, it is golf, champion, goat. Tiger Woods rose to success and won his first masters in 1997. The hunt was on, and the mission, be the best golfer the of all time. But Tiger's story started long before the 1997 masters it began as a toddler learning the basics of golf from his father at the ripe young age of 3 years old.

At that age, Tiger had one dream. Become a better golfer than Jack Nicklaus. With this win in 1997 Tiger began his quest to be the greatest of all time. He picked up back to back masters wins in 2001 and 2002 and a fourth in 2005 tying that of famed golfer Arnold Palmer. Along the way, he picked up 14 major championships as captivated audiences everywhere. Tiger put golf on the map in the 2000s and brought new energy and a new attitude towards the game.

Suddenly at the pinnacle of Tiger's success and as many thought, he would soon surpass Jack Nicklaus tragedy struck. On Thanksgiving of 2009, Tiger was in a car accident that was caused in part by his wife discovering that he had been cheating on her. This was only the beginning for Tiger's downward spiral. As more and more mistresses came out claiming to have slept with the golfer and being caught driving under the influence, his reputation and image continued to be tarnished.

When Tiger finally returned to golfing he just was not the same.

He lacked passion, excitement enthusiasm. He was just plain bad. He missed putts, drove balls into the woods and was facing competition tougher than ever. He was among a host of new faces in the PGA. Professionals that had grown up inspired by Tiger and not afraid to challenge him. Tiger would go on an eleven-year drought without winning a single major competition and had many believing Tiger would never return to the dominance he once held. With numerous nagging injuries, it seemed that all hope for Tiger's return and his lifelong goal of beating Jack Nicklaus and becoming the best golfer in history seemed utterly unattainable.

However, after five years winless in PGA tours, in September of 2018, Tiger wings a tour and had many speculators wondering if Tiger was on his return. Tiger went into Augusta this past weekend at 12th in the world and from the beginning of the tour on Thursday all eyes were on Tiger. He seemed laser focused and played with a determination we had not seen from Tiger in over a decade.

As the final round on Sunday approached Tiger had placed himself in the running tied for second place. Sunday it was Tiger's day. He came dressed in the classic red shirt that he wears on every Sunday at the Masters and there was a feeling that it was Tiger's show. Sunday he came in poised and determined to win and played with a passion that only Tiger has. He was gaining roars from the crowd with each stroke. Finally, after 11 years Tiger had done it. He won his fifth masters only one behind Jack Nicklaus and first major in 11 years.

On Sunday Tiger taught us to never give up on a dream and that through adversity and hard times you that through hard work and dedication you can still be the best.

Battling through the injuries, the scrutiny and the tarnished reputation Tiger was able to once again inspire millions and show that we are all humans we all make mistakes and he taught us to apologize for our mistakes, learn from them, make you better and that everyone deserves a second chance because nobody is perfect but through hard work, determination, the drive to never give up and having passion for what you do and understanding that you do make mistakes and how you learn from them showed millions of fans young and old that you can do anything you set your mind to.

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