Golf is one of those sports that you never think you're gonna play until one day you find yourself buying overpriced metal sticks and wearing the ugliest shirt ever created. Yeah from the outside it sounds ridiculous, like who would ever play such a sport when there are much better sports out there to play. Well, coming from someone who has had these thoughts my freshman year of high school and ended up a third-year varsity letter in golf by my senior year, it taught me a lot and I wanted to share for anyone who may be in my same shoes four years ago.

Ever wanted to be a sporty person but never lacked the skills to be that sporty person, Yeah that was me. I tried out soccer once and realized I did not have the endurance for running or anything athletic. Always wanting that sense of a team and being a part of it, I kept searching for something that would give me that feeling. Golf was never that sport for me until I was pushed into it by my best friend at the time. Even as I had no golfing ability, I still was able to be apart of a team that felt like a family. Sometimes you find what you are looking for without actually looking because it is already right in front of you.

Golf also taught me how to corporate with individuals I do not personally care for. It showed me that not everyone in the world is gonna like you and you are not going to like everyone, and that is perfectly okay. Even with a coach who favored others over myself and would talk about how I was not good enough for her with the sport to other players, I still had to proceed on. I still was required to work with them because I had gained a love for the sport that I never thought I could love and I was not going to allow other people to ruin that enjoyment.

The last thing that golf taught me was to keep going even when everyone and everything is trying to tell you to quit. Going through a rough beginning half of my senior year, my coach proved to me that she really did not enjoy my company and the fact that I was on her team because I did not grasp the advanced golf capabilities that some of my fellow players could grasp. At this point in the year, I was ready to quit. Without my friends telling me that I should not let my coach win and I should finish out my final year strong by playing a sport that I loved. And with that, I learned to never quit even when the time is rough. Don't let people force you out of things you know in your heart you want to do. While I struggled a lot throughout my four years playing high school golf, it was some of the best experiences of my high school career.