I go to West Virginia University, which is about 5 hours from where my home is in Pennsylvania. So, I had not been home since move in, which was about three months. I took a bus home, it took about 6 hours to get to the stop and then I had to drive another half hour to get to my house. I had not seen my family in so long, so a lot had changed in both their lives and mine.

It was refreshing to interact with my family, and my cats, of course, relax from the stresses of college and eat a home-cooked meal. My mom had planned out things to do every day, so I still didn't really have a whole lot of time to just sit and de-stress, but I was happy that we were out doing things since I had not left campus in so long and I started to get bored. But I didn't have a whole ton of time to focus on homework and studying, which would be a downfall when I went back since I had two regular exams and final exams coming up.

But after three months of not being at home, I had to readjust to the lifestyle at my house, which is very different than at college. I would go to bed and wake up earlier, I would eat actual meals instead of periodically snacking throughout the day, and I would get in the car to go do things instead of going to class or walking around campus. So, it was just a weird adjustment. By the second to last day of me being home, I finally felt like I was readjusted, but then I had to leave again to come back. Now that I am back in my dorm room again, I feel like when I go back home again for Christmas break, it will be an easier adjustment.