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22 Thoughts Everyone Has The First Week Back After Holiday Break As Told By The Kardashians

Transitioning back to school is a krazy time, but by the end of January you will be conquering the world one bubble sheet at a time.

22 Thoughts Everyone Has The First Week Back After Holiday Break As Told By The Kardashians

Christmas break is an interesting time for college students. Going from crazy busy stressful times of finals week to absolute boredom and relaxation is a drastic change. The transition back to school is full of excitement and read. No one knows change better than the Kardashians. We have watched them grow up on television for the last 12 years.

From Khole's dramatic weight loss, Kim's 72-day marriage, to Kylie's unexpected pregnancy these girls know transitions.

1.) When people ask how you feel about going back to school.

Every year at Christmas your family asks you tons of questions about school. So you lie and say you can't wait for it to start again. What they don't know won't hurt them.

2.) I can't wait to see my friends.

The ups and downs of college life has bonded your friendships so strongly that even a few weeks apart feels like an eternity.

3.) Which classes did I sign up for?

What's my major again? What classes am I taking? What exactly does desktop publishing mean? Why isn't Kinesiology classed gym class? There are so many questions that run through your mind as you drive

4.) Why do I have so much stuff?

Packing. Moving. Repacking. Moving. There is a lot of hauling. You know you have too much stuff, but what can you say you like your things.

5.) You know you wouldn't survive without coffee, coffee, coffee.

With a Starbucks and Java City on campus, you are totally set for the much-needed caffeine boost. There is no way I could get used to waking up before 10 am with my cup of joe.

6.) Swearing this semester you are going to get fit.

There is something about ringing in the New Years that sparks new diet and exercise habits. The keto diet, juice cleanses, and intermittent fasting are all crazy diet trends we all fall for. It's better to just start off by eating fruits, veggies, and whole grains, but we all know that never happens.

7.) When your mom asks you why you didn't prepare better for the semester.

Having a mental breakdown the first couple days back is totally acceptable. There are so many things to keep track of. Your student ID wasn't needed all break so how are you supposed to know where it is now?

8.) Why did I sign up for an 8am?

After sleeping in over the winter break it is a rough adjustment going back to waking up early and being productive.

9.) So much stress so little patience.

Buying textbooks, printing out syllabus's, and starting work again is enough to leave you feeling overwhelmed and annoyed at everything and everyone. Don't worry you will get the hang of your new schedule in a couple of weeks.

10.) Why can't it be Christmas break again?

Watching TV all day, drinking hot cocoa, and catching up on sleep sounds really good right about now.

11.) Catching a glimpse of that person who always talked to much in class last semester

There are so many people you know on campus. Sometimes is it super awkward greeting them. You haven't seen them since freshman year, you don't even remember their name. Secretly you are hoping they just keep walking and don't say hi to you.

12.) How do I balance schooling and adulting.

From recently being informed that I need to get a credit card, working three jobs, maintaining a high GPA, and cooking for myself each night there are so many things to balance.

13.) You are curious about who started dating who over the holidays.

You missed a lot while you were away. It's great to catch up and see what's new in everyone's life. You find out two of your friends already dated and broke up while you were gone.

14.) Naps are a must.

Classes all morning calls for a long afternoon nap. Our bodies naturally work best when we go to bed early and wake up early, but that is just not how it works in college. Often times you are running on a lot of caffeine and little.

15.) Looking back at pictures before the Christmas feasting began.

It is not uncommon for you to find a couple extra pounds after indulging in mom's cooking for nearly a month. Now it's back to the grind of getting salads at the dinning hall.

16.) You are already exhausted.

While it has only been two days, it already feels like you have been in school for months.

17.) When your friend who asks, "Have you ordered all your textbooks yet"?

You don't know what classes you are going to keep or drop. Honestly, you are waiting to see whether you like the professor. While your overachiever friends already looked up there professors and know which classes they are going to keep. The first week basically just going over the syllabus anyway.

18.) Seeing people you had beef with last semester.

Out of the thousands of students on this campus, you happen to have classes with that girl who did you wrong last semester. As soon as you walk into class, you see her lean over to her friends whispering and pointing. Let it go. She is not worth your stress.

19.) Listening to the professors read through the syllabus.

You already read the syllabus a week earlier, and now you have to listen to it being read out loud to you.

20.) Having to defend yourself when you need a break.

There are so many expectations from colleagues, parents, siblings, bosses, and friends. At the end of the day, it is okay to take time for yourself in this hectic time trying to figure out what this semester is going to look like.

21.) Most days you feel like...

You wake up feeling ready to tackle on the day. Only to find out you have 2 meetings, 3 quizzes, 2 tests, and 4 projects by the end of the week.

22.) At the end of the day you are determined to make 2019 your year!

College is not easy, but once you have that degree in hand it will be worth all the stress and every tear.

Even though transition back to school is never easy, by the end of January you will have forgotten all about laying in bed all day because you will be conquering the world one bubble sheet at a time.

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