There have been some crazy events that have taken place in my life. Some tragic, some learning experiences, some unbelievably amazing, and some that just keep me content with my life. As a Christian, there have been more times than not that I have questioned whether God was really on my side.

The most amazing part about being a Christian in today's day and age is that my religion is something I can always fall back on. If I'm having a bad day, I can sit there and talk to God. I'm not going to get a response back right away but I do know that if it is something I am struggling with, God isn't going to ignore me. He's waiting for the right moment to help me.

If we all start thinking about it right, without those down days or tragic events, there wouldn't be any days in which we are thankful for the good times, the good days in which something amazing happens. Sometimes you have to have something bad happen to appreciate the good.

I have always been a firm believe that something always, always, always happens for a reason. I will spend forever trying to figure out that reason if I have to, but I know God had a plan behind it. There are so many past relationships where I have asked God why he took that person away from me but then it becomes clear when someone better comes along. Someone that treats me so much better and someone that is more deserving of being a part of my family and my life.

There have been way too many instances when God has taken a family member or friend away from us too early. This is always the hardest to comprehend but even in these hard times, I have to believe that God had their best interest in mind and that his plan promises everything will work out in the end.

As someone with major anxiety, I find it so hard to relax sometimes. This isn't because I don't want to but because I literally cannot relax my mind and my thoughts. The only thing that keeps me going during those days is God. I know he sees me down here and I know he knows how I am feeling. I am not perfect and he knows that but I do have faith in him. To God, having faith is enough.

It's amazing to see how everything pans out in the end. When one door closes, another door truly does open. I read a quote somewhere that says, "God will wreck your plans when he sees that your plans are about to wreck you." After reading that quote, I realized I have never read anything more true before. Anytime I question God, I remember that quote. It's one I will tell my children one day when they are struggling with their first heartbreak, their first loss, their first betrayal and even their day to day freak outs over the small stuff.

At the end of the day, I know I have God by my side and he will protect me and make sure everything is alright. It might not be what I had in mind but after all, God's plan is bigger than my mistakes.