As we get older, the idea of our future becomes more and more realistic. At the same time, it also becomes overwhelming. Now more than ever, we put pressure on ourselves to have everything together and relationships are no exception. While I have wondered (and worried) about "The Person," I've realized that the consuming thoughts of what is going to happen are useless.

In the grand scheme of things finding "The Person" is one of the many amazing things we are going to be able to do. All the thoughts, worries, and doubts that we have are preventing us from living in the now. In the end, it isn't worth it. Even God doesn't worry about it as much as we do.

He knows that there is that "The Person" for you just as much as you do. But, He is not as worried. He's got a plan. Even though it seems like He isn't listening to you when you beg, plead, and/or cry for Him to just bring you someone decent, He is. Instead of showing His hand, He is trying to say "I've got something amazing for you. Just you wait."

I know not everyone is going to believe that God is going to put someone or even "The Person" in your life, so call it whatever you want. And if you don't believe in the "Plan", then call that whatever you want too. Whether you want to like it or not, not everything is in your control. While we may try to have everything together, when it doesn't we just have to remember that there is something or someone out there waiting to bring everything you need in your life.

So instead of putting crazy amounts of pressure on yourself, try to remember that everything comes with time, hard work, and a little luck. If God has a plan for you, trust that He's going to fulfill the promise that He made to you, the one of a well-lived life. Don't give up hope and be patient. Easier said than done, but that's just life.