This may seem a little strange, since this has been published for the world to see, but just think — this just emphasizes the love I have for you.

I'm writing this to thank you. To thank you for being there for me, always. To thank you for giving my life sunshine and happiness. To thank you for listening to me. To thank you for simply asking how I am.

For loving my selfies, my stories, and my rants. For giving wholehearted advice, anytime I need it. For knowing what will bring back my smile. And, most importantly, for forgiving me whenever I act less than the best version of myself.

Through the years, our friendship has proven itself unbreakable. I won't lie, going to school in a different state than you is hard. Really hard. Of course, we text every single day, without fail, and see each other every month, but I still miss you. I can't stop by your dorm or grab lunch with you whenever I want. It's weird not being able to walk to classes together like we used to. However, us being apart makes our time spent together now even more worthwhile.

I am forever grateful that we have the strength to build each other up as we move into new parts of our lives, and that we support one another every step of the way. Whenever one of us accomplishes something, big or small, we're always each other's biggest fans. I am beyond proud of you for everything that you've worked towards and every goal you have reached during your college experience so far. I know the future holds amazing things for you, and I cannot wait to be with you through these new and exciting experiences.

Our friendship has matured with us. While we used to be the insecure, brace-faced, One Direction-obsessed middle schoolers, we have together grown into the beautiful, strong, independent, Harry Styles/Niall Horan loving adults that we are today…and I love that for us.

Without you, I wouldn't be the same person I am today. Without you, I wouldn't know my strengths, and I definitely wouldn't know how to find the courage to improve my weaknesses. You make me strive to be the best person I can possibly be, and make me proud of who I am.

I almost definitely do not tell you enough how much you truly mean to me, so now after reading this, I hope you know how much of my heart you hold.

To my best friend, my sister, and my go-to girl, thank you for being you… thank you for everything.