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The first time I left the country was when I was sixteen. This trip opened my eyes to the world and what it is like to belong to somewhere so much more different than America. I traveled to Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland over the course of three weeks. While I was in Italy, I visited Rome, Florence and Venice. My absolute favorite place was Venice. Just being surrounded by water, beautiful architecture, and amazing people changed my life. Learning about the history of this magical place helped me realize that I wanted to go anywhere and everywhere.

Traveling out of the country with people you've met maybe twice is such a huge accomplishment. Two years later, here I am leaving the country for the second time in two months. Earlier this summer I was able to study abroad at the University of Limerick in Limerick, Ireland for three weeks. Being a nursing major, studying abroad for a whole semester is kind of not an option, so that's why I chose to go during the summer. I've always wanted to go to Ireland, ever since I was little. I have Irish heritage on both my parent's sides so that made it even more special. During these three weeks, I met some of the most amazing people that really helped me grow and make the best out of my experience here.

While in Ireland I was able to go to Dublin, Cork, Galway, Cliffs of Moher, and Inis Oirr. Each of these places had their own uniqueness to them. Dublin was extremely historic. While I was there they had just celebrated the 100th anniversary of their civil war, and only war. If you ever go to Ireland, you must go the Cliffs of Moher. Seeing it in person is absolutely breathtaking. Looking down 700 feet to clear blue water is insane, but totally worth it. Just across the ocean, one hour by ferry, are the Aran Islands. Inis Oirr is the smallest of the three islands. Only recently has Inis Oirr become commercialized, but even then its not. A total of 249 people live on the island. Most people make their money by owning a Bed and Breakfast, pulling people on a horse and buggy, or renting bikes out to sightseers. It takes about three hours to walk around the whole island.

The next place I'm leaving to is Puerto Penasco, Mexico. I am only going for a week, and its pure vacationing. I have only been to Mexico once, and it was when I was very little. I am excited to be going with on of my best friends and get to experience Mexico as an adult. Traveling gives me a sense of worth. I love to expand my horizons and learn new things about places that have been civilized much longer than America has. My goal is to turn my traveling experiences into something good. I want to travel around the world doing good for others and giving back to people in need. I think that people need to experience something unlike the world they live in constantly, and what better way to do that than to travel.

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