The new Frozen movie shows that apparently Elsa hasn't learned to let it go. The story follows the two main protagonists that swept the big screens back in 2013.

It shows Elsa in the same position as we left her at the end of the first movie, uncertain but determined in her newfound position. Elsa is adjusting to being the Queen of Arendelle while Anna blissfully helps her in the background. A disruption occurs when Elsa starts hearing a melodic siren that she feels is calling her. This gives us the beautiful vocals of Idina Menzel singing "Into the Unknown" as Elsa tries to understand where the voice is leading her. The story follows Elsa's journey in discovering a hidden truth and Anna's perseverance to help Elsa all the way through.

This sequel isn't quite as good as the predecessor but it is its own version of the continued story. The twist on classic fairy tales of the prince saving the damsel in distress was thrown away in the first movie and this one isn't different in that aspect. Elsa goes out to discover this mystery that's been bothering her for a while, and Anna jumps at the opportunity to go out and help her sister. Kristoff stands to the side, expressing his support but having his own issues he's trying to overcome. Although they added a nice romance track for Kristoff and Anna, it doesn't take the focus off the main issue in the story or the main two girls.

The movie is still very much about Anna and Elsa, not Anna and Kristoff. In discovering the truth about the past, Elsa gets the chance to rectify past mistakes but the real scene-stealer is Anna. In a world where Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle and has powerful magic that leads to many new discoveries, it's Anna's support that gets Elsa to the place she should be. The two sisters reflect off one another in a positive way that will definitely be a good lesson for all children to learn.

The movie had much darker themes and elements than the first movie but was a perfect message to send right before the Thanksgiving holiday. The soundtrack took a very different approach than the classics we got from Frozen, we had Kristoff belt out his feelings in a boy-band song and Olaf sing about the mystery of life in his chirpy way but it's Elsa's song that really sweeps the stage as usual. If you're looking for a continuation to the story of the two sisters of Arendelle, go and check out this movie, but if you're fine bopping to the first album then it's safe to say you can let this one go.