Dear You,

You did not intentionally cause me pain because you loved me, and I get that, but you also did not do the best that you could. You broke my heart and left deep scars that may never heal as well as I want them to. Every time I thought about you walking out of my life knowing you would never come back, I could feel the tears forming. You did not give me enough credit, though. You thought that after you left I would break, and though I hate to admit that you were right for a while; I rebuilt myself. I grew stronger than I was before, and for that I must extend to you my utmost gratitude.

First, let me express to you how thankful I am for you being the person to make me realize that I am so much more than what you made me out to be. You see, in the process of me losing you I found myself, and though it was a difficult process I learned a lot along the way. I learned how to truly forgive because of you, and how to truly love myself. It was so easy to lose sight of everything after losing you, but the journey to finding my way again was life changing. I grew stronger, and so much wiser.

I learned to guard my heart while being able to still give it to people, again. I grew emotionally stronger, and when people talk about you, though it hurts, I can smile and say that it is OK while truly meaning it. I have learned to trust again and be open with the people I love and care about. Most importantly, however, I have learned how to find joy in the most depressing situations. So thank you for hurting me the way you did, because without it I would not be who I am today.

Thank you for lying, cheating, and saying that you would stay knowing that you would leave. Thank you for the hurt and the pain you caused, and for breaking me down so I can build myself back up. Thank you for the tears you made me cry, and for all the times you made me feel like I was not good enough. Thank you for simply being you and all that came with that.

Please do not think for a second,that I hate you for leaving or doing all the things that you did, because I do not. However, do know that though you were that person that hurt me the most, you were also the person that taught me the best.

Sometimes, the thing that hurts you the most can teach you the best lessons of life, and even sweet things can hurt. Thank you for all your lessons!

The one you hurt the most