Thank You GOD!

On the road to riches, blue and red lights in my rear view.

Always be alert to the signs life be giving you.

No celebration, road rage to success.

Heaven or Hell, choose ya destination.

I'm never devastated just using negative outcomes as inspiration.

Blessings over my head and thanking the Savior,

from blinding me from the ignorance of Satan.

Cause he or she be that same individual peeping in and out of your life.

Uncloaked intentions plotting since the beginning.

If you're real, you'll realize to cut loose ends,

to defend your natural correlation.

Vivid perceptions, true meaning of what your life is projecting.

Your actions are actually what shows, recording visions peep the entertainment.

Stay in your lane and excel with jet fueled motivation.

I live a life simply to keep it real and don't forget to give my 10 percent.

Because 5 comes from knowledge and the other half are blessings.

God makes smooth moves, waiting for you to put in effort.

Doubling your worth and giving you extra.

God I thank you.

By: Stephen G. Norman

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