When You Give A Girl A Brother

When You Give A Girl A Brother

You've made her smile a little harder and skin a little tougher.

Recently, I wrote an article titled 'When You Give A Girl A Sister' describing the highlights of what it means to have sisters. They had no idea I was going to write about them until it was actually live on Odyssey! Well, if you're anything like me, you were not only blessed with beautiful sisters, but brothers as well. That's right. I am the youngest of 5 kids, meaning I have 2 bothers and 2 sisters. So brother, this one's for you!

Growing up, I have had the time of my life simply because of my siblings, with my fair share of adventures, scraped knees, and life lessons; however, when you give a girl a brother, you've given her someone that could never be replaced.

When you give a girl a big brother, you've given her a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on. He's the hero you run to when your dad isn't around. You've given her someone to watch over her and make sure no harm comes her way.

When you give a girl a brother, you give her someone to make a big deal out of her birthday (and probably your favorite gifts too). Especially when he's more creative than you've ever been. You may just end up with a circus themed birthday filled with popcorn machines, bouncy houses, and cotton candy makers.

When you give a girl a brother, you give her someone she actually looks like in the family. Seriously, the blonde hair and light eyes is like hidden treasure in this family.

Giving a girl a brother is more than giving her someone to annoy for the rest of her life. It's giving her someone she can rely on as she grows and someone who will defend her in difficult times. It's giving her a place to run to when she doesn't want to be at home right then.

When you give a girl a brother, you've given her one of the toughest critics. He will try at first to hide his ill feelings towards certain things, but the truth will always show on his face. Giving her a brother isn't just giving her a critic, it's giving her a terrible liar as well.

When you give a girl a brother, you give her someone that forces her to eat healthier. You give her a workout partner, or better yet a personal trainer. You've given her someone to push her to greater heights than she even thought possible for herself.

When you give a girl a brother, you give her someone to root for her during cheerleading competitions and Friday night home games. Even if he doesn't know all the lingo or 411 about your competitions, he'll be right beside your mom screaming your name.

When you give a girl a brother, be prepared for family gossip. You've given her someone to sit next to at family events and make fun of certain things they overhear or see.

Giving her an older brother means any boy she brings around is judged on the spot. He knows your taste sometimes better than you do and knows when the guy will be a complete dud (sorry guys!)

When you give a girl a brother, you give her (and her sisters) someone to annoy until the very end with their bickering. You give them someone to break up petty fights and occasionally allow them to continue when he finds them entertaining. Whether it be about who ate the last cookie in the box or who stole the other's t-shirt. Yes, the brothers hear it all, even things they would've rather never known.

Being lucky enough to have sisters is one thing, but to have an older brother, too, is something unimaginable. You give her the type of protection and love she couldn't find anywhere else.

When you give a girl a brother, you give her an alliance, a role model, and a hero. You've given her someone to aspire to be.

When you give a girl a brother, you give her the world simply by having him around.

I thank God for giving me the brother I was blessed with. Someone as generous, caring, and noble as he is. Without a brother, I probably wouldn't be as fearless or light-hearted. I love you more than words can say, and no amount of 'thank you's' will ever suffice.

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This Is What Happens When A 3-Person Friend Group Stops Being Friends

What was once three best friends is now two guys and a stranger.

Once in a blue moon, you meet these people and just click. It is insanely easy to get along with them and the world just seems right.

In 7th grade, there was this girl who met two guys and just that happened. They all became the best of friends; they just clicked. All the way through middle school and most of high school they were inseparable.

Sadly, things didn't stay that way.

When they first became friends, it was definitely a random combination. While they were all interested in different things, they had one thing in common: each other. After middle school, they basically spent the summer staying in touch, preparing for high school, and spending time together.

In high school, things were going great! Everyone knew them as the three kids who were always together and if someone was missing, they had the answers to where he/she was. Freshman year flew by and the three friends stayed closer than ever.

During sophomore year, one of the guys got a girlfriend, and thankfully nothing changed. They all welcomed her in and treated her as their own. Life was great for those three, now four.

But soon, things would change.

The second guy got a girlfriend and she was not as accepting of the close friendship of the three as the first guy's girlfriend. She was sometimes controlling and demeaning, and when things weren't going her way, it was no way. This caused issues within the friendship, eventually breaking it apart. Soon, it went from three (and a girlfriend) to two, and life was completely different.

Fast forward to the middle of junior year and things were getting worse between guy #2 and his girlfriend. As good friends the other two wanted to tell him to just get out of the relationship before it progressed, but he was stubborn, and he wouldn't have listened to them anyway. Over time they broke up, but the friendship took a while to get back to where things used to be.

Starting senior year, the three were back stronger than ever. It looked as though nothing had ever happened between them, and no one would ever know the difference. In the fall of that school year, guy #2 got another girlfriend.

At first, things were great, he was the same guy he'd been before the relationship. Progressively he got more distant from his female friend because of his new girlfriend, and guy #1 did nothing to stop it. The two boys still stayed close but pushed the girl farther and farther away.

Over Christmas break, the boys stopped talking to the girl altogether. For two weeks they had absolutely nothing to do with her. While they hung out together and with their girlfriends (since now they both had girlfriends), they no longer spoke to the girl they've had in their lives for the last 6 years.

Now, the girl doesn't talk to the guys as often (basically never) and when she does it's only when she has to. Things aren't the same with these three "best friends" and likely never will be again.

But here's where the plot thickens... that girl was me. This is the (partial) story of how I lost my (ex) best friends to their girlfriends.

Although only one of the two guys still has a relationship with his girlfriend, the friendship has never recovered. Soon, we won't have to see one another again. Between graduating and starting college, I will finally get my fresh start. Sure, sometimes I miss them and miss having people to talk to about any little thing, or being their female voice of reason, but I won't miss being the second choice.

They chose their girlfriends over their best friend and unfortunately it's a bit too frustrating to worry about any longer. It's time to say goodbye to a friendship that once was.

I wish them both the best in life and love, but it's time for me to finally focus on myself.

My own happy and healthy relationships.

A new beginning.

Cover Image Credit: 123rf

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5 Thoughts You Have During Big/Little Week

Where are all of these gifts coming from?

Big/Little week can be an exciting, but stressful week for anyone involved. Not only are you dying to know who your big is, but to top it off, it seems like everyone else knows except you.

Despite how many times you ask, your roommates will not tell you who has been coming in your room every day to drop off fantastic gifts. Every gift you recieve is carefully examined for any clues hinting at who is going be your big in one short week.

No matter how many times you hope you’ll catch the mysterious sorority sister in your room, she is always too quick to end up in the same place as you.

1. Who is this random Facebook page that requested me?

Why are there pictures of me from middle school throwing up a peace sign with a bunch of ridiculous stickers attached? Which of my friends is gathering these awful pictures and sending them in just to spite me?

3. Are these hints legit?

Is it possible that my big has a dog? Yes. Is it possible that she has 2 brothers? Yes. Is it possible that she is related to Zac Efron? Probably not.

4. When is she coming next?

Have they already dropped off gifts? Did they bring more snacks? Will I get better hints? The walk back to the dorm from classes is one of the most agonizing times.

5. Who is it?

I still have yet to learn how to sit through a class without thinking about my big instead of focusing on my class. Thankfully this process is only a week or I might have to redo this semester.

Cover Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/people-celebration-festival-party-3154439/

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