One day, I, a college student, was craving a cookie. Imagination soon followed when I realized how funny it would be if I were given a cookie. Much credit and inspiration come from Laura Numeroff's children's book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie".

If You Give A College Student A Cookie

If You Give A College Student A Cookie

If you give a college student a cookie

The sugar crash will make him feel sleepy.
When he feels sleepy
He will want to take a nap.

When he wants to take a nap, he will ask for some coffee.
If he gets coffee, he will want to use the bathroom.
When he is using the bathroom, he will probably check his phone.
On his phone, he will end up checking his E-Mail.

If he checks his e-mail, he will remember that he has an assignment due at midnight.

He'll want to use your WiFi… And ask for your password.
When he's using your WiFi, he will try to start his homework...
It won't take long before he gets confused and frustrated.
Once he's confused and frustrated, he might look on YouTube for tutorials.

When he is on YouTube, he will find a "Watch Mojo" video.

Once he finds a "Watch Mojo" video, he will watch another "Related Video"
… and then another, and then another.
If he watches too many videos, he will lose track of time
When he loses track of time, he will panic when he finally looks at the clock.

If he panics, he will rush to get his assignment done.

While he's rushing to get his assignment done, he'll stress out.
When he stresses out, he will threaten to drop out of college.
While he stresses out, he will need reassurance that his efforts aren't all for nothing.
If he believes you, he'll rally his emotions and finish his assignment.

When he finally submits his assignment, it will probably be close to 11:59.

And when he is up that late, he is going to eventually remember…
He skipped dinner!!
So he'll be hungry and looking for food.
And if you're going to feed a college student…
He will always be grateful for a cookie.