American Legion Auxiliary Girls State is a great program where rising high school seniors are selected to attend a week-long event learning about the government, leadership, and build relationships. The delegation varies by state, but in my state several girls were interviewed from each high school in the districts. The Auxiliary picked two girls to represent their high schools at Girls State.

Girls State is huge! Imagine two girls from every high school in the state on one college campus. Things can get a little wild but in the best way. You definitely know you went to Girls State when:

1. "Walk with purpose!"

This phrase means scoot your boot. If a counselor screams this at you, then girl you are walking entirely too slow and most likely will be late getting to your destination.

2. "Golf cart!"

Counselors and Junior Counselors got the awesome privilege of driving the golf carts around campus. When you heard those tires your immediate reaction should be hop off the sidewalk or out of the way. And depending on your City you probably had a silly rule to follow. At the sight of a golf cart my city had to freeze until they passed.

3. "Hydrate!"

There is no way you could survive Girls State without a JC reminding you to drink water with every meal. For breakfast, you had better have an orange juice with a side of water. And Powerade didn't cut it! Plus water is great for your skin.

4. "Builders in a band!"

Every girl loves the Girl State song but not every girl can actually sing the Girl State song. I for one am very guilty, I'm practically tone deaf. For some odd reason the note for 'band' could never be hit the entire week. Maybe as a solo, but during an assembly, girl just mouth that part and join in later.

5. "I love you guys!"

Being on the same floor with about 25 girls is not as bad as it seems. All of you will most likely get along and share some really cute moments and memes. At any time someone is feeling the feels, you can expect a group hug and a couple of 'ilys' being passed around.

6. "Check the group chat!"

It is guaranteed that your City mates and yourself will be split up during certain events. This means it is important that everyone checks the group chat at all times. That includes the one on Snapchat where all the funny stuff goes down. And the GroupMe where more serious matters are communicated.

7. "Hit it Sally"

This phrase is very bias to my delegate year. My city's JC (Sally) was the amazing pianist that accompanied all of our assembles throughout the week. Before every song we sung we cued her with a joyous 'Hit it Sally'.

8. "Get off your phone"

The campaign days seemed to be the longest. You were expected to sit and listen to girls deliver their speeches for hours upon hours. And while they all did great jobs and were very brave, sitting for three hours straight is kind of boring. Especially when the JC's were on patrol making sure not a single soul had their phones out.

Girls State was the most fun I had that Summer. It really taught me a lot about politics and about my state. It also introduced me to a group of great gals that I have the pleasure of still being in contact with. Girl State was definitely a life-changing experience. Go Spearman City!