My freshman year of college, I opted to live in suite-style dorms with five other girls. With my sister and my mom, girls have always been the majority in my life, but I didn't quite realize just how chaotic and wonderful it can be to live with lots of girls.

1. There’s that one shirt everyone wore.

When you find a cute shirt that looks good on everybody, it immediately becomes a commodity and you have to schedule who's going to wear it and when. It's always cute, but has to casually make its way around the group.

2. Hair ties and bobby pins are always everywhere.

I don't know what it is, but whether they're in use or not, bobby pins and hair ties seem to just materialize on every flat surface EVERYWHERE. If you're not picky, this is a blessing. If you're like me, you're holding on tight to the two hair ties that successfully manage your hair for all they're worth.

3. You all collectively know when it's that time of the month.

At some point, you come to realize when someone is coming up on their period. You will learn quickly who to avoid, who to hide snacks from, and who to save some tissues for and when. Never lose track of time.

4. You always have a skilled set of stylists on hand.

I've never been a girl terribly interested in hair or nails or makeup. As a result, I've got like a really sad basic knowledge of how to do all of these things. However, with the talents of the other girls combined with my own, I was able to serve some LOOKS. There was always someone to give me a cute hairstyle or the perfect smokey eye or to blend my highlighter a little better so I didn't look like I was highlighting with a highlighter pen and going cosmic bowling.

5. Romantic comedies are properly appreciated.

These were absolutely a MUST. There is nothing better than getting snacks, blankets, and a ton of romantic comedies and laughing and crying the night away with your girls. Thankfully, I found girls with a shared appreciation for my love of romances.

6. We all know how to deal with bad days.

Guys (and girls), and even life in general, can often suck. And when one of your girls comes home after a particularly hard break up or argument or just a bad day, you all know exactly what to do. Someone gets a stuffed animal, someone gets some good snacks or ice cream, and someone gets some funny jokes or a good video ready to go. This video usually did the trick for us.

7. Starbucks dates are a must.

Almost all girls appreciate Starbucks. I cannot tell you how many times we all ventured over to the student union to get our fix. We all got to try each other's drinks and get recommendations and our communal Starbucks repertoire grew tons throughout the course of the year.

8. Someone's always there to help you send a tricky text.

Texting a guy is always a challenge. You have to gauge his interest with your own and come up with the perfect medium of being interested without being obnoxious. There's also plenty of people around to help you nicely curve a guy that's getting a little creepy or that you're just not interested in. A little help goes a long way.

9. We know the importance of a night in.

While going out can be fun, they also know how much fun staying in and playing 15 rounds of Cards Against Humanity can be and are more than willing to enjoy those 15 rounds with you.

10. You have automatic dates to everything.

If you wanna go see a movie, take your girls. If you want to go to a concert, take your girls. If you're going home to visit, take your girls. If you get a good group, anything and everything becomes more fun with them around.

11. Photoshoots are frequent and well done.

Girls know how to take good pictures and love to take them. Impromptu photo shoots are the best and give you plenty of Instagrammable pics to save for later on.