Although we are currently living through the fourth wave of feminism and women should be inspiring and empowering one another, many girls are still judgmental towards one another over their individualistic choices and traits. It is important that society works together in order to create a lively and inclusive community of strong women.

Women need to stand together and not group each other into categories regarding fashion, sexuality, body image, or whether someone is in a sorority or not. Every look, word and degrading judgment acted upon a girl affects them in more ways than you think, so start today and compliment or uplift a girl you would normally judge or shy away from.

1. Dressing up for class. 

Although I personally go to class very tired and in an oversized hoodie, there are girls who dress to impress and that is OK... I have seen girls glare, laugh or talk about girls who try too hard "just for class." All women should be supporting each other and if someone wants to put a whole face of makeup on for their 8 AM, compliment them instead of judging them.

2. Being open about sexuality. 

All women in college are experimenting and trying new things, especially sexually, and most of them are shamed for it. One night stands, long term relationships, abstinence, and sexuality should not be shied away from or looked down upon, they should be discussed and accepted from girl to girl. We are all becoming adults and our sexualities are a big part of our lives, therefore, sexual orientation, experiences, and sexuality, in general, should not be something girls judge other girls for.

3. Fashion.

College is about finding who you are and expressing yourself in every way possible and I have seen girls relentlessly judge and make fun of other girls who dress a unique way or have a fun sense of fashion. No one is going to be drawn to the same aura of fashion and that should be celebrated and enjoyed instead of mocked.

4. Body image. 

Society has always had an unreachable "standard" of how a woman must look in order to be considered beautiful or sexy, but women don't need the same pressures and degradation from each other. I have heard countless times at a dining hall, elevator or just in everyday life, girls discussing the body image of another in a degrading manner. Everybody has a different body type and that should be uplifted and beautified in every woman in order to achieve a more body positive outlook in the community.

5. If you are in a sorority or not. 

There is a big population of Greek Life at FSU and many girls decide to rush fall or spring, but those who decide that it is not for them need to be acknowledged and accepted as well. I have heard many girls being asked why they aren't in a sorority and looked down upon for it. There is a wide variety of women at FSU and being in a sorority should not define your personality, who you are and the friends you can make.

We need to individually inspire and promote the differing and unique personalities that we are lucky to be surrounded by.