As college students, we barely get enough time to sleep between all the assignments, studying, meetings, etc. What's the perfect fit for tiredness? Coffee.

1. Making sure to always have to-go coffee cups

Sometimes we wake up late and are forced to take our coffee in a to-go cup instead of using the classic mug. Not having coffee is not really an option so we must bring it with us. I recommend using disposable coffee mugs so you can throw it away between classes and not have to keep up with it all day.

2. Getting a coffee gift card is a blessing

Gift cards have got to be one of college students favorite things. You know somebody loves you when they give you a gift card to your favorite coffee shop.

3. When you feel the slightest bit of tiredness

Usually during the school day, there are classes, assignments, and lots of other things to do and its hard to get through that. Just down your coffee and keep working hard.

4. When you have had three cups but want more

5. Showing off your cute new mug in class

Just a little light humor, ya know? I seriously do love buying new cute mugs that you can bring to class.

6. When you start to work on a group project

In order to be successful your team must operate at maximum effort which means everybody load up on COFFEE

7. Not being able to make it through the day without coffee

Go to my 8am class without having a cup of coffee? I might as well not show up.

8. When you drink more than you know you should

Coffee can rip apart my stomach sometimes when I drink too much of it. I learned that I max out at 3 cups before coffee starts making me feel bad.

9. Checking to see how bad your coffee breath is

The one downfall of coffee is the way it leaves your breath. I hate the lingering taste and the smell so much but not enough to drink any less.

10. When the coffee burns your mouth

You never know the temperature of it until you try it... and sometimes you pay the consequences by burning your tongue off.