21 Places in the US to Visit if You Love Chocolate
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21 places you absolutely need to visit if you're a functioning chocoholic like I am

Just bookmark this for next time you're out on a business trip, we all need a cheat day...

21 places you absolutely need to visit if you're a functioning chocoholic like I am

1. Laurie & Sons- Harlem, New York

This family-owned sweets shop based in East Harlem, New York not only makes all their world-renowned chocolate treats and toffees by hand, but they also use locally sourced organic ingredients that would be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Interested? Here's their Instagram: @laurieandsons

2. Maison Pickle- New York, New York

My personal pick of choice. This 24 layer chocolate cake filled with chocolate custard looks so delicious I'm temped to lick my laptop screen right now. My friend and I have been planning a trip to New York for years now just for a bite. Next time you're in New York, please get me a slice to go!

Drooling as much as I am? @maisonpickle on Instagram and start planning your trip!

3. Hershey Chocolate World- Hershey, Pennsylvania

The beloved candy bars we all know and love, now imagine FIVE POUNDS of it! At Hershey's Chocolate World, not only can you purchase the biggest versions of your favorite candy bars, but you can also take a tour of the factory, ride their famous Chocolate World ride which shows you all the steps of the Hershey's chocolate making process, and even make your own customizable mega-chocolate bars! I live about an hour and a half from Hershey so I grew up going on frequent trips to visit the factory as well as go on some roller coasters at the Hershey Amusement Park just across the street. If you're ever in Pennsylvania and are craving some chocolate and some fun, Hershey is a must.

4. D'Lites Emporium Gainesville- Aventura, Florida

Happy Summer! If you find yourself in the mood for a sweet treat as well as a way to cool down, look no further than D'Lites for some drool-worthy chocolate filled soft serve. Looks almost as good as it tastes... almost.

Follow @dlitesgainesville for more delicious posts and to see all the delicious flavors they offer.

5. Gideon's Bakehouse- Orlando, Florida


What's better than a chocolate chip cookie with extra chips? At Gideon's Bakery in Orlando, every inch of this half-pound cookie is covered in chocolate chips and sprinkled with sea salt! Each cookie is hand shaped and baked to perfection, each batch taking about 16 hours to prepare. Although Gideon's limits each customer to 6 of these monster cookies, the bakery sells out quick every day and is named the best cookies in Florida. If you live in the area or are just visiting this magical city for it's other attractions, this place is a chocoholic and cookie-lovers dream!

Mouth watering yet? Go creep on some of their other sweet treats on Instagram @gideonsbakehouse.

6. Max Brenner- Various Locations


Chocolate lovers unite! Max Brenner is a chain restaurant that will give you an experience like no other. Every food item on their menu is infused with chocolate! Walk up to their Chocolate Bar to order on the go menu items like thick milkshakes and other treats or sit down and enjoy a meal like their famous chocolate pizza, cookies, and hot chocolate. With locations in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York, as well as over 50 international locations, this place is definitely worth the visit!

Learn more and see some other famous menu items on www.maxbrenner.com or on Instagram @maxbrennerusa

7. OH MY GOSH Brigadeiros- Miami, Florida

This Miami Bakery is one that is definitely on my bucket list for my next vacation. OH MY GOSH is world-famous for their very unique desserts: Brazilian Brigadeiros! This ooey-gooey South American treat has now been brought to the US and they really do make you scream OMG! Everything from the original chocolate balls to brigadiero hot chocolate, this bakery is a total chocolate dreamland. Add it to your bucket list and if you're planning on going to Miami or live in the area just let me know and I'll be on the next flight down!

Check out more of their delicious chocolate concoctions @omgbrigadeiros on Instagram!

8. La Centrale- Miami, Florida

Yuuuuum, whats better than gooey, warm, chocolate ganache on tap?! Visit La Centrale Italian Food Hall located in the heart of Miami Florida for the chocolatey dessert of your life like their double fudgey chocolate gelato, but don't forget to top it off!

Follow @lacentralemiami on Instagram for more pictures of their delicious food items or just go to their website www.lacentralemiami.com for more!

9. The Fudgery- Charleston, South Carolina

This fudge is on another level! Not only does The Fudgery hand make all their delicious chocolatey sweets right in front on you, but they also sing and throw their fudge around in the air: chocolate and a show! You'll be fudging yourself if you're driving through SC and don't stop by...

Check out their Instagram for more details: @thefudgery

10. Sugar Factory- Various Locations


If you haven't heard of Sugar Factory before, now you have! This outrageous American chain has gone viral with many celebrities and crazed sugar lovers over the past few years for their outrageous dry ice cocktails and their over-the-top "freakshakes", and their chocolate one is out of this world! Sugar factory coats the outside of the glass with gooey chocolate Nutella and puts every one of your other favorite chocolate classics both into and outside of all of their thick and creamy shakes. This sugar overload is easily accessible for your next cheat day with a handful of locations in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Hollywood, Illinois, Connecticut, as well as several International stores. Now GO, get your Freak(shake) on!

Follow @thesugarfactory on Instagram, no seriously you haven't lived until you've looked at all of their amazing food and desserts...

11. Sweet Buttons Desserts- New York, New York

These triple chocolate s'mores cookies have a crunchy but warm chocolate outside with a gooey melted chocolate inside. Sweet Buttons desserts, located in the heart of the Big Apple, has some of the best gooey chocolate cookies in the game. Definitely a must visit if you're in the mood for some baked treats!

For more gooey chocolate goodness and information on the bakery visit their Instagram page @sweetbuttonsdesserts.

12. Jean Phillipe Patisserie, The Bellagio- Las Vegas, Nevada


Welcome to the LARGEST Chocolate Fountain in the world! Standing at a whopping 17 feet high, this flowing fountain of goodness is no joke! Located inside Jean Phillipe Patisserie at the prestigious Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, this fountain took over a year to build and design and looks like something straight out of Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory. Thankfully, theres a protective glass wall so theres no chance of anyone (like me) falling in!

Book your flights directly, or just check out more information at www.bellagio.com/en/restaurants/bellagio-patisserie.html.

13. La Diplomate- Washington DC

These home made profiterole desserts are a chocolate lovers day dream. It starts with a French-inspired choux pastry filled with bananas, chocolate cream, and vanilla ice cream but is topped with so much warm melted chocolate, the dessert turns into a mouth-watering chocolate soup before your eyes. Chocolate soup with a side of banana please!

For more heavenly dessert menu options check out their Instagram @lediplomatedc.

14. Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory- San Francisco, California


Ghirardelli's chocolates are a classic go-to when you're going through a break up, need a pick-me-up, or just need to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. If you're ever in California, the famous original chocolate factory is a must! Take a tour of the historic factory itself, located in Fisherman's Wharf right next to the beautiful Aquatic Park and beaches and don't forget to stop by their chocolate store and eatery afterwards for a fresh and delicious chocolate treat! #BackToTheBasics

Learn more on their website at www.ghirardellisq.com.

15. Li-Lac Chocolates- Brooklyn, New York

This family-owned chocolate factory is your one stop destination to chocolate heaven. If you're in the New York area, one of Li-Lac's 5 locations are sure to satisfy, and if not have no fear: they sell their chocolates online too! From tiny chips to life-size chocolates, Li-Lac's hand made delights are impossible to disappoint.

Shoot them a follow on Instagram if you're interested in seeing more of their chocolate from its humble cocoa starts to life-sized creations @lilacchocolates.

16. Sushi KONG- Miami, Florida

The name of this place might throw you for a loop, however, this restaurant is not only known for their spectacular sushi. Sushi KONG is the home of some of the craziest chocolate creations in Miami including this Chocolate Kamikaze. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, you simply can't go wrong!

Check out their Instagram @sushikongmiami for more delicious sweets and treats as well as their other menu items.

17. Michael Jordan Steakhouse- Various Locations

If you live kind of far from New York and can't make it to Maison Pickle for their 24 layer chocolate cake, here's an equally scrumptious backup plan if you're willing to give up that extra layer. With locations in New York, Chicago, Washington, and Connecticut, this cake is worth the drive. Named after the famous NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, this steakhouse has good food all around, but this giant 23 layer chocolate cake is definitely unbeatable.

Check out their Instagram @mjsteakhouse for more pictures of this incredible cake creation.

18. Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate- New York, New York

If you're a person who enjoys the satisfying process of watching chocolate being made WHILE eating some at the same time, look no further than Kreuther's. Based in the heart of New York near Bryant Park, these delicious chocolates are made by a passed down recipe and are made behind a glass screen right in the shop so you can watch the chocolate crafting process while munching on some! Definitely a win in my book.

If you want to see more of their candy creations check out the Kreuther's Instagram page @gkchocolate.

19. Georgetown Cupcakes- Various Locations

Georgetown Cupcakes is one of the most famous cupcake destinations in America, so it comes as no surprise that they make one of the meanest double chocolate cupcakes. Georgetown Cupcakes was a family business started in Washington DC by two sisters who's cupcakes, baked from scratch and topped with their "signature swirl" of icing, were so popular that their store became the feature of a hit reality TV show aired on national television. Since the show, Georgetown Cupcakes has expanded and now has locations in Maryland, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, and, of course, the original shop in Georgetown, Washington DC. For all of you who are as addicted to sweets as I am, you need to try these cupcakes!

To see more crazy satisfying videos of these cupcakes being baked and iced, visit Georgetown Cupcake's Instagram page @georgetowncupcake.

20. La Gourmandise, St. Regis Bal Harbour- Miami, Florida

The La Gourmandise candy shop inside of the St. Regis hotel at Bat Harbour in Miami is home to some of the most intricate handmade bon bons we've ever seen. Crafted by a world renowned pastry chef, Antonio Bachour uses various colored oil based cocoa butter to design the bottom of the shaped bon bon pans before filling them with melted chocolate so that no two bon bons are exactly the same!

To whoever said chocolate isn't a work of art, show them Bachour's personal Instagram page @antonio.bachour for some of his finest work with chocolate and other pastries.

21. Zuma- Miami, Florida

Molten chocolate lava cake? Yes please! Zuma Miami is the dream destination for chocolate fanatics like me with desserts that are not only visually appealing but definitely appeal to the taste buds as well. Live far? Thankfully, they have a location in New York as well and are looking to expand soon!

Check out their Instagram page @zumamiami which unfortunately doesn't have a lot of cake pics but definitely shows of some of their other spectacular menu items available at the location.

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