I try to live my life in a way that is aware of other people and how my actions affect them. I have noticed however that I, and that many others (girls) in particular ca sometimes take this to the extreme and end up apologizing for things that we shouldn't feel sorry about. Obviously, if you feel you may have hurt or seriously inconvenienced someone, it's always best to use your manners and apologize.

What do you say when your friends tell you to stop apologizing for everything, it's hard because it feels natural to say I'm sorry. I can easily hear other girls apologizing when there's no need but can't quite figure it out for myself. I've compiled a list of things I'm working on stopping apologizing for.

1. Being too tired 

To go out, to stay up, to drink, to party

2. Asking a question in class 

You're in class to learn. You don't need to preface every question with "sorry".

3. Literally any minor favor 

It usually goes like this: "I'm sorry, could you hand me my bag (that you're sitting on)"

In this case I'm trying to work on asking for what is needed and then saying thank you.

4. Existing in places

Anyone bumps into me anywhere. Me "Oh I'm sorry".

5. Not being dressed up

"Sorry, I'm in leggings, I came straight from class". Why are we sorry. We had a full day of school/work and still made time to attend a friend's event.

6. Eating 

Why am I sorry? It's been hours since I've eaten and waiting an extra 2 minutes for me to finish my food is not really that much of a delay.

7. Disagreeing 

I shouldn't feel sorry that we don't have the same opinion. It's normal for friends to disagree (respectfully) of course.

8. Human needs 

Unless its extremely excessive or I just passed up the chance, I shouldn't feel bad for needing to pee.

9. Being busy 

If you have work/school/responsibilities you are not flaky, you're just becoming an adult.

10. Saying no to favors 

Look, I'm a firm believer in always going the extra mile to help anyone. But there are rare occasions were a friend may need something that you simply cannot do, no matter how much you want to help. And that's okay.

Overall, be nice, be kind, be giving and know that most of the time you have nothing to be sorry ( just be willing to admit it when you do).