To The Girl Who Can't Stop Over-thinking

Most situations in life have layers. Some have only a few, and then some have too many.

There is something I have discovered about myself recently, and it's that I am someone who creates these layers to situations, i.e. I overthink almost every situation I encounter.

And I am sure many can relate. But I find it almost impossible not to. After all, we are human beings. And humans have thousands of layers to them to start.

I am writing this open letter not only to every single girl (or guy) out there who can't stop over-analyzing but also to myself. It is important to realize when you're the problem sometimes, and it has taken me a little too long to come to this realization.

First of all, 9/10 things that you're currently worried about are made up in your head. Nothing is deep enough to consume your brain of stress, anxiety, and pain.

Yesterday, I told someone that I take a grain of salt and bring a beach full of sand. And this may sound like a stupid comparison but it is far too true for someone who struggles with the stress of their own thoughts.

I don't want this to sound dark and dreary. Instead, I want to make this more of an uplifting guide for anyone else who struggles.

In some ways, over-thinking can be a positive thing. It causes people to make observations that one who isn't paying much attention would not realize.

Second, stop thinking you're not good enough. For school, your dance audition, your job promotion. You have been given this opportunity for a reason. So take it and prove to the world how capable you are of a challenge. You'll even improve your own self-confidence.

Finally, my last piece of advice is to take everything with a grain of salt. Most situations do not even have a deeper meaning beyond their surface. We are our own worst critic. Stop trying to be so damn perfect and just live life day-by-day. It gets easier, I promise.

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