Dear Beautiful,

I know you haven't been feeling like yourself lately, but I promise you that you will soon. Stop wasting your time and energy on people who do not do the same for you. Go to bed early, wake up early. Get the sleep that you deserve. Pamper yourself and spoil yourself, you deserve it. Think positive, if you continue to think so negative, negativity will only come to you. Give yourself a monthly allowance on how much you can spend, so that you are not struggling money-wise. Read a book, take time away from social media to avoid your drama. I promise you that once you keep to yourself, only the people who truly care about you will check up on you. Smile more, you're beautiful when you smile whether you like your smile or not. Watch a movie, go on a walk, stuff your face. Sometimes all you need is yourself to be happy and not the presence of others, especially if they're only providing negativity.


Your future self