Things girls need for summer

The sun is out and the weather is finally enjoyable! Aside from working and prepping for the fall, you should be able to have fun without a care in the world. These 13 essentials are sure to help you take advantage of summer even more and make every moment memories of a lifetime.

1. Glamorous sunglasses

Not only can they look cool, but having sunglasses is super important if the sun is out! Your eyes can be severely damaged if exposed to the sun too much. Always make sure that your sunglasses have UV protection because not all dark tinted sunglasses can save your eyes from the sun.

2. Delicious snacks

When I talk about delicious, I'm also talking about healthy. You can totally splurge on ice cream and treats once in a while, but it's important that you're eating the right foods the stay healthy during the summer. No one wants to be ill when they go back to school. With that, there's countless healthy snacks to eat during the season. From fruit to protein bars, your grocery store is sure to have it.

3. A fantastic playlist

Having a super awesome playlist is vital. No one wants to listen to the long and everlasting radio commercials in the car, so why not make a list of songs you can pick and choose from at any time? Oh, and playlists don't have commercials! Another win!

4. A stylish water bottle

Summer is hot! And when it's hot out, you're more likely to sweat and become dehydrated! Finding a water bottle that you like will naturally make you want to use it more often. Always be sure to bring it with you, keeping your water on the go is key.

5. Protective sunscreen

No one wants to come in from a fun day and realize it'll hurt to move tomorrow. To avoid looking like a tomato, apply some sunscreen before going outside to protect your skin. There's so many to choose from, whether it's the highest level of protection, to tanning lotion that will let you get a nice glow instead of red! It's good to have the right kind for you because everyone is different.

6. Adorable hats

Hats are always in season. Always. They also are a big help in preventing sunburn or looking cute in that next Instagram picture. So many stores sell hats that it's almost impossible not to see one!

7. Fresh flowers

One of my favorite parts about summer is the vibrant colors that still exist from spring. Flowers give each space more life and maybe a more welcoming feeling. Yeah, someone people don't have green thumbs (like me) but it's super easy to get a small bouquet from a nearby store or your local farmer's market!

8. Life-saving dry shampoo

There may be some mornings where you wake up late and realize that your hair looks like a mess. Trust me, I've dealt with so many of those days. Dry shampoo is an affordable way to save your look and clean your hair in no time!

9. Fashionable swimsuits

Everyone is different, I'm just going to say that now. One person may like full cover one-pieces more and another person may love cheeky bikini bottoms. As long as you have a suit or set that you love, you should be able to enjoy the sun however you like! No one should tell you otherwise!

10. An inspirational journal

I know that our phones have cameras that can be ready at any moment, but sometimes we don't get the chance to take a picture of an amazing moment. Having a journal is a nice way to spend some time on yourself and reflect on some memories for years to come.

11. Lovable jewelry

I cannot say this enough, I love jewelry! It's unfortunate that I don't wear a lot, but I think it can really add to a plain outfit or make a statement. Rings, bracelets, earrings, there's so many unique pieces that are waiting to make you shine.

12. Luscious lip balm

Earlier I mentioned how it's important to protect yourself from sunburn, but make sure to protect your lips too! Not many people know that it's actually possible to get burnt on your lips and that it can be super painful. Also, lip balm keeps your lips moisturized throughout the day so they don't crack.

13. The ultimate bucket list

Having a bucket list will help you stay on track during the summer instead of looking at your phone day and night. Anything realistic can be put of your list and you can include friends and/or family to join you on your adventures! Usually bucket lists are written down on a piece of paper and hung up in your room where you can always keep an eye of what you've accomplished so far!

Summer is about enjoying your time with others (when you're not working at least). You should be able to feel all of its potential, no matter what! With these essentials, you'll be having fun in the sun before you know it!

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