Lately, life has been coming in waves and crashing into you. Knocking you down at every possible second that it can. Your relationship with your S.O. came to a heartbreaking end, you have been struggling to hang on to your relationships with your friends, even spending time with family has you anxious and full of dread. Your job is pushing you past your own limits. You can't seem to keep up with your school work. Life is becoming too heavy to hold on to.

You aren't the only one.

You are holding onto these relationships or responsibilities without considering that life may be better once they are gone. You aren't realizing how deep you are buried, because the things you are holding on to have been such an important part of your life for so long. That doesn't mean they have to be part of you forever. Life is about adapting to your surroundings and making sure your time is full of mostly happiness because no one makes it out alive.

You don't have to hold on to toxic relationships. You don't have to hold on to relationships where you have nothing in common anymore. You don't have to hold on to people just because they are your family. If it is becoming to much work for you to have a relationship with these people, you are holding on to something that is begging to be let free. It will be best for everyone involved if you just allow these people to walk out of your life while you still have the strength to go on. Once you try to force them to stick by you, or you try to hold on because they feel "safe," you are adding weight to your life that you don't have to carry around. You will be alright even without them around. They aren't helping you grow, so why should you be held back just because you want to hold on?

You don't have to stay at your demeaning job. You don't have to overdo your workload by taking seven classes to graduate early. You are holding on to a false sense of hope that things will just work themselves out. You are more than your job. There is no "right time" to graduate. Work at your own speed and maintain a balance that you can handle. It is not worth holding on to.

You aren't the only one. You aren't the only one thinking that you know what is best and you can handle all of this. There are other people out there that need to hear your success story of letting go so that they can be inspired to write their own.

I learned that letting go was the only way to reduce the anxiety I felt constantly. Although I have to take my own advice with letting go of some more things, I am proud that I survived to let go of things that I thought I wouldn't be able to live without.

You can do this. Just stop holding on to everything that makes you feel comfortable. You can find comfort in anything, or anyone.