The Girl With the MN Tattoo
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The Girl With the MN Tattoo

Not everyone is who they seem to be...

The Girl With the MN Tattoo
Madyson Gasper

Have you ever thought about what people thought of you? Maybe you see someone walking down the street and you wonder what their first impression is? I have wondered that for awhile now and thought it would be cool to get a handful of people together, answer five questions about me and compare answers. Now mind you, this was not to boost my confidence or make me love myself anymore, I solely did this for the purpose of others. I want to show how first impressions really do make a difference, and people are often judged way too soon. For this experiment, I rounded up three friends, three acquaintances and three strangers. I asked these five questions:

  1. What was your first impression of me?
  2. What did you think I was like? (Hobbies, interests, etc.)
  3. Would you ever think that we would get along?
  4. After getting to know me, how have your answers changed?
  5. What is my most memorable trait?

After receiving their feedback, I got some pretty dang cool results - most of which, are oddly similar. Check it out:

Question 1 -

"My first impression of you was that you intimidated me. Not in a bad way at all, but more of I could tell you were a strong young woman who had a kind heart. I heard rumors about you throughout the school, but being someone who doesn't believe rumors can truly depict a persons personality I wasn't quick to judge."

"First impression of you was that you are pretty high energy. Maybe you were one of those kids in middle school who prides themselves on being random. There was also something mature and gentle about you too. Maybe that you have developed the past 5 years or so."

"My first impression of you was good. I always thought you were cute, energetic, spunky. However, I'm not going to lie sometime during middle school i was jealous of you."

Question 2 -

"I always thought you were this stand upish girl who had a lot of friends and i thought you were good at talking to boys. I didn't and don't know you too well but I thought your hobbies were band and photography. I also saw from things like Facebook that you really love your mom and brother. You also have a passion for dancing and adventure. I remember talking to you once at school (you had been gone because of sickness and I asked about it). I remember you telling me you had Crohns Disease and had to get a colonoscopy and i thought you sounded pretty brave and optimistic about the whole thing."

"I knew you enjoyed theater just like I did and that you loved to sing. Other than that I didn't really know much about you and your interests."

"I thought even though you were quiet you liked to go out and have a good time still seemed from what i could catch on was you liked your friends and being around them."

Question 3 -

"When I first met you i liked you, but I didn’t think we would created like a huge emotional bond. There is definitely some comparability there, but no time to really develop that."

"Due to theater, I was able to get to know you a little better and I definitely thought we would get along. I could tell you were a genuinely good person."

"I thought if I was younger or you were older and we would've spent more time together. We could become friends, maybe not best friends but good enough friends to share secrets and hang out sometimes."

Question 4 -

"After getting to know you better, the intimidation quickly left as I realized just how fun and kind you are."

"I think if I got to know you better my answer about what you are like might change. As I get to know people better I can sort out what perceptions I made about them that were wrong or right."

" Not really. You are a fabulous person! Maybe not painting artsy, but let's replace that with sign language instead! That's an art form to me as well. Not everyone knows that language."

Question 5 -

"Your most memorable trait would definitely be how you are never afraid to be yourself. I admire that greatly and I hope you never lose how comfortable you are in your own skin."

"Your bubbly personality, in my opinion at least I feel as though most people can feel comfortable around you."

"Using what little memories and information I do have one you, i have a solid answer. When I first met you you definitely had a comforting energy about you. Something that kind of eases tension. I feel like because of that you have a passion for helping people and that is your most memorable trait - your healing energy."

After reading the strangers' answers, I really thought to myself, "Wow, I do come off harsh, and bitchy, a little intimidating and rude." But I love that the more you read their responses, their views changed and they all thought I would be someone they would be friends with. When I got to the acquaintances they actually said less, but yet it's still familiar to what the strangers had.

Question 1 -

"I thought you were a bubbly, outgoing person with a fun and spunky personality."

"I thought you were a broody teenager. During our theatre practices, I didn't see you smile or talk to people. I thought that maybe your parents made you audition to get out and be social. The irony of this is I'm judged by this exact same trait and it's so annoying. I don't like big groups and don't volunteer conversation but once you get to know me, I'm a totally different person." (Mady here, I love this answer because that play we were both in was my very first one - ever! Crazy how people take your facial expressions and energy.)

"I remember you being this spunky blonde girl with the biggest attitude - but in the absolute best way. You said what you thought and did what you said and it was fantastic. It may have intimidated a few people but that's the price you pay when you're a genuine person. You were happy, smiley and always had something to contribute to any conversation. To be honest, I found myself describing you how people described me when I was younger! I think we both turned out pretty cool."

Question 2 -

"Because of my first impression I would say, loud music, long walks alone, and strong coffee." (She was SO right on this one!!)

"I thought you were an artsy type. I knew you did photography so that's a given, but I thought based on impressions that you were into music as well, and something maybe like painting etc. At that time I could also see you being a small children teacher, or special education. Or a nurse."

"I thought that you were into dance, and music."

Question 3 -

"I do believe that we would get along well. We have similar personalities and traits."

"If I was 20 yrs younger, we would have been bff's!"

"I sure hoped we would. If you can't tell from my other responses, we have quite a bit in common. Your optimistic and adventurous attitude is contagious - and makes a person want to go raise hell with you. Another thing I admired was your ability to connect with people. You take time to listen to people's stories and truly feel for that person. But this isn't a light switch, when you feel you feel entirely. Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse. But you keep smiling (and swing dancing) through it all. Who wouldn't want to be friends with that?"

Question 4 -

"You are the exact opposite. You are a very kind-hearted young lady and a lover of life. Your adventurous spirit and smile could light up a room. Again, so much irony in these questions."

"Honestly, not a whole lot. I still think that you are really fun and exciting, very active in the things that you do, and hobbies and interests were pretty clear from the get go."

"Nothing really, which is something to be proud of. You're still the same unique, sassy, creative and loving girl. Everyday I see you getting stronger despite what life may have thrown your way. You decide to focus on the positive. You continue to love and provide light in dark situations for all of those around you. You are strong, Mady. I see you embrace the beautiful skin you're in - which is no easy feat, ask any girl. You are unapologetically genuine and that is truly the highest compliment in my book. Im excited to see where life takes you"

Question 5 -

"Your curly hair and bubbliness!"

"Definitely your eyes and smile!"

"Your attitude and outlook on life. You've made the wise choice to only do the things that make you happy and forget about those who bring nothing but negativity. It's funny how when you do that you start to truly find yourself. You're becoming such a strong woman so stop, take a moment, and celebrate the person you are molding into."

Again, I am still tagged as way different than I actually am. Some acquaintances saw my bubbly, easy-going side, and others didn't at all until they got to know me. I really liked watching the switch from question 3 to question 4. Now let's see what my good friends have replied with. I love going back to when we first met, and reminiscing the memories we made. Some of my best friends and I didn't have the best start and some I clicked with instantly. Check it out.

Question 1 -

"The very first time I met you was when we did the flashback photo shoot for your photography business. You answered the door and gave me a huge hug, come to find out you're a hugger haha, and so I was like "awwww she's so sweet!!". And then I was like, "oh my gosh she's so pretty". And to be quite honest with you, at the time, i don't know if you told me or not or if I just didn't remember, but I thought you were quite a few years older than me, so that was kinda of intimidating."

"My first impression of you came with our "Middle School" days. I was really excited that we had a whole bunch of new kids joining the percussion section and you were one of them. I remember us clicking right away, because (and nothing has changed) you were a sarcastic ass and I loved it. I could tell that you weren't really into following the general rules of the world, and that you liked to have fun. You were so alive when you played, and I could feel that energy. That was when I first started talking to you. My first impression of you really came though, when you tried to protect me from the guy I was seeing in high school at the time. I wouldn't learn until after, that you were right, and I couldn't apologize to you until I realized I was wrong, but the following year, when we started talking in Band again was the year that would change my life. Once we started to become friends again, I could tell it would be a forever thing. I know I can be a huge bitch, and super judgy a lot. But it is just because I want to protect you like you did for me forever ago. In that moment, I knew I could trust you with anything for the rest of my life."

"Oh great another girl I played sports against, she is so outgoing!"

Question 2 -

"I thought you to be a very real person. A lot of people mistake it for being a bitch or too bold, but the reality of it is, not a lot of people are real now days. You are who you are, fully through and through. In the way you carry yourself. You like to have fun, that is more than obvious. You are an artist in everything that you do. Your desire to learn and to create beautiful things blows my mind. See me, I am the type of person to say "I wish I had" or "I wish I could have gotten into" or "learned". You on the other hand, do and whole heartedly. Your interest can't be listed, because there are so many. Anything that gives you life you indulge in. You are a raw definition of someone who is "living life"."

"Right away I knew you loved photography, DUH that's what I was there for haha! I also assumed you were a lover of coffee and red lipstick. Your house smelled like it, you and your family were drinking it, and your red lipstick was literally perfect when you later put it on. I then also assumed you loved time with family, just because your chemistry with your mom, brother and grandma the whole day was just kinda like a love and light that this whole world needs, and you and your family made all us girls seem like we were cousins or something, not just random girls from social media! (This one might be cheating but now that really know you and can see your room, you're like a mini marilyn monroe, so that's pretty sweet if you ask me)."

"Loved to dance and have a good time!"

Question 3 -

"You being around 2 years older than me, at the time really intimidated me. I was like "it would be so much fun to be friends with her or hang out, or do solo photo shoots, but she probably has so many friends so wouldn't have time for someone younger". Well that's definitely not true anymore. Even though we don't get to see each other every day, or talk every day. I can honestly say you changed my life Mady. I texted you, you responded after a few minutes, and we kind of chit chatted that night for maybe 20 mins, but we have talked almost every day since. I now know that that HAD to have been a sign from God, telling me I needed someone who wouldn't judge me, who wouldn't give up on me, and who wouldn't leave when someone better came along. Mady, that's you."

"There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to get along, much less you be one of my life long best friends. You are someone that I need in my life, not always necessarily want. just kidding. I never know what to expect from you, but there is never a time when we hang out that isn't good. You love like a mother, fight like a sister, and care more than anyone I have ever met in my life. You don't follow drama, which is important for me when I choose people to be my friends. I am a believer in soul mates, and not just in your partner. I believe that there are people in your life who give your soul meaning, and life and you are one of them. No matter what gets thrown at us, no matter what paths we may take and no matter how long we may go without talking at times, I will always trust you with my whole heart. That is something I realized in you from the beginning, so yes, I did think we would get along."

"Oh yes! we had tons in common and something HAD to bring us together like it did!"

Question 4 -

"I've never considered you anything but a best friend, so no, my answers haven't changed."

"After getting to know you, nothing has changed. And it is amazing. You still love hugs more than anyone I know, you're still the sweetest chicka I know, you still have the greatest white girl butt i've ever seen, you still love coffee, you still are bomb at that red lipstick (or any color), you still love time with family even though some days are harder than others and you still give me vibes of a mini marilyn monroe haha Among many other things, such as, being strong and a fighter, I can't imagine what being in constant pain every day feels like, but you do it with such a grace that not many people were blessed with. You have the biggest heart for this world and the people in it I've ever seen. And you forgive."

"After getting to know Mady i realized that she loves to to dance, and write, and listen to music, and eat macaroni, and meet new people and all these things made me LOVE that Mady is my brooke davis."

Question 5 -

"Forgiveness, and the willingness to let go, and move on. If someone had hurt you, or someone close to you, it hurts. But if they apologize, and say they have changed, or are willing to, you give them the benefit of the doubt, move on with each other's lives, and continue on almost as if that small detour in life never happened. You show love to those who have hurt your heart, you show kindness to those who were rude, you care about people when they no longer care for you, and you show forgiveness to those who could never bring themselves to forgive you. Madyson, you are THE most genuine human I've met to this day and probably ever will meet. You are a true gift from God to me, to your family, to Brad and his family, to baby Mav, and to this world. You are light that I KNOW will never be put out, no matter how hard this world may try. You stay true to yourself, because that's the only damn thing in the world anyone should do. YOU my dear, just choose to be awesome and do everything else. You have so much about you, so much complexity, so much to offer, that I think I'm going to go write a book about you now"

"Your most memorable trait is your heart. There are some people in this world who close their heart off once they think it is full, but I think the thing that is most memorable about you, or that I make sure to tell people, is that yours is endless. You consume happiness and it flows from you in everything you do. I think that is why your heart is so capable of letting more love in, is that you are always sharing it. You always have room for one more memory, or one more person. You are caring to the ends of this world, even with all the shit that has been thrown at you. You are a "cup half-full" kind of girl, not empty. It amazes me every single time. I feel like there is literally nothing you cannot handle, and that is why you are a rock in my world. If that answer doesn't work, then i would have to say being a sassy little sh*t. Sass flows from you like Bars from any of Kendrick Lamar's new songs." (I love this especially, because Kendrick Lamar is my SH*T!)

"30 second dance parties...just the way she can dance in general."

Again, this article was not to toot my own horn, but I really feel like it's shown all of you how powerful judgement can be. Honestly, I am a lot of each of these answers, and I'm also not a lot of these answers. If you can imagine the person that fits this photo:

but just add way more ASL skills, Kendrick Lamar lyrics, kitchen dancing, and less plaid - that's me!

I hope you all take a second to get to know someone after reading this, instead of judging them right away. I am guilty of this awful habit as well. Most of us aren't who we come across as..

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