I'm The Girl Who Prefers A 'Netflix And Chicken Nuggs' Type Of Romance
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I'm The Girl Who Prefers A 'Netflix And Chicken Nuggs' Type Of Romance

It's OK to not go out every weekend for a date night.

I'm The Girl Who Prefers A 'Netflix And Chicken Nuggs' Type Of Romance
Brianna Duncan

I often find girls my age on Twitter or other social media complaining that men aren't acting like "men" anymore. They don't take women on dates like the stereotypical movie stars you watch growing up. Yes, it is so nice to be picked up, have filet mignon and then go to the movies, but, to me, the most memories and happiest moments are sometimes relaxing and catching up on "The Office."

I'm the girl who loves Netflix and chicken nugget dates and here is why.

1. The money

When you are going out, you can expect AT LEAST a $50 meal, $20 movie tickets, and $15 popcorn and drink. That's literally almost $100. Since we are young adults, saving money should be one of your biggest priorities, not living an extravagant life. When you stay at home you can rent a Red Box movie for a dollar (or of course watch Netflix), get microwave popcorn, and a soda for one-third of the price of going out.

2. Staying home is much less stressful

What if there is a traffic jam and you're running late to your movie? What if your boo forgets his or her wallet at dinner and your bank account is sitting at a solid $10? What if you get all dressed up and your jeans rip? What if you drank too much water at dinner and you have to go to the restroom five times during the movie? Well, when you stay in, you do not have to deal with any of these problems! Go to Chik-fil-A or McDonald's, get some chicken nuggets, put on some PJs, and watch Disney movies in the comfort of your own living room. (Bonus: There is a pause button in case you drink too much sweet tea or lemonade like I always do!)

3. You can drag your man (or woman) into what you want to do instead

Ha. This is evil. But, instead of wasting your $40 foundation for only a few hours out, just get your boyfriend to do face masks during the movie you watch at home! Guys, instead of being in uncomfortable dress clothes, get your girl to wear something comfy with you.

4. You don't have to deal with other people

Don't you just hate it when you're at LongHorn and there is a baby screaming and the parents do literally nothing to help them calm down? Isn't it irritating sitting behind or near someone in the movies that won't shut up or even worse uses their phone on maximum brightness? If you don't go out, you don't have to deal with these things! You can have peaceful nuggets on the living room floor while spoiling the end of the movie for your love!

5. You're cozy

In the movie theatre, you're stuck freezing, you're left to shiver. But, if you stay home you can bundle and cuddle up under all the blankets you want! It is especially nice in the winter when there is a fireplace burning as well.

6. You're happier

This is the most important. When out, you're more likely to focus on things like your make up, making sure you look good, getting the right directions if you go somewhere new, rushing around in a car, or things like that. When you decide to stay in and watch a movie on Netflix, you make a choice to be casually closer to one another. You share funnier moments, you are more comfortable, and overall, you will be much happier.

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