Recently, I stumbled upon an article written by a girl who believes that only those who have jobs in college experience stress.

First of all, no.

Second of all, I can agree that working while attending college adds stress to one's already hectic life. However, money is definitely not the only source of stress for college students.

For example, I was fortunate enough that I didn't have to work during my first two years of college. I had saved up my money from summer jobs, and my parents took care of most of my expenses.

Now that I'm working 2 research jobs on top of taking 5 classes, I can definitely say my life was less stressful when I didn't work and take classes at the same time.

However, that doesn't mean my life was easy when I didn't work while taking classes.

Your article negates the experiences of multiple college students that have to endure stress from many other sources. It's not just about money.

Academics aren't easy. Between long, boring lectures, quizzes, tests, essays, group posts and projects, students are expected to cram extreme amounts of information into our brains at one time.

We go as long as we can without burning out.

To continue, most college students are involved in organizations such as Greek Life, sports, religious organizations, etc. that require a lot of time and dedication out of our day, especially if we hold leadership positions.

Also, having a mental illness can greatly hinder one's ability to perform daily tasks such as waking up for class or staying up late to finish an assignment and study for a test. It can make even the simplest of tasks extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Physical illness can cause stress, too. One of my professor's old students was barely able to stay awake during class because he was going through chemo treatments at the time. However, he tried his hardest in her class despite his circumstances.

To continue, being away from home is harder for some than others. Personally, I'm not much of a homebody and I prefer my independence, but being away from one's family can be much harder on some people.

Stemming from the previous idea, it's extremely difficult when someone in your family is going through a hard time and you can't help them because of school. I'm lucky enough to only live an hour and a half away from home, and I can come home whenever I want.

Not everyone can jump in the car and drive home on a whim.

I'm not saying you were wrong about how hard it is to balance work and school. All I'm saying is that anyone can experience stress from any source, regardless of employment status.