I'll start by saying I'm very fortunate that if I was ever in a tight spot with money, my parents could help me out. However, I have had a job since the day I could drive. I paid for my first car, I pay my rent, I pay for my sorority and everything else I need in between. I enjoy being independent but that does not mean I adore being broke all the time, which I usually am. Without further ado, here are a few reasons why you should stop complaining about anything if you don't work.

1. 98% of my stress stems from being worried about money.

I just have a hard time feeling bad for someone who has unlimited access to their parents' money 24/7.

2. All you have to do is go to class.

That sounds like the most relaxing life. Go to class for a part of the day, then go home and do as you please. You even have weekends free.

3. If you are shopping at all, I don't understand it.

How do you just have infinite dollars to spend on nonsense items when I'm trying to budget my grocery list every week?

4. You have no idea what time management or money management even is.

If you just get your parent's credit card and have no work schedule how do you expect to be a successful adult?

5. You have unlimited time to be social.

My friends and I scheduling around our work schedules to hang out is nearly impossible. I do not understand what it is like to be able to just live life without a work schedule.

6. Because your major is not that hard.

I'm an engineering student. Nursing students have to work night shifts at hospitals then still go to class the next day. I know kids trying to get into medical school working the night shift at UPS. I promise, your major is not too hard for a job.

7. You can go out to eat without ordering water and lettuce.

Eating out is a joke to me. The fact that people without jobs can just go out and eat expensive meals makes me nauseated.

8. Because I don't understand how you don't feel bad.

As I said earlier, I have asked my dad for money very few times and every time I feel like the antichrist. How do you feel completely normal swiping your parents' credit card to pay for a $70 eyeshadow palette without evening blinking?

9. Because you are spoiled and there is no other way to say it.

Unless you are in a major that pays you for being a student (some medical schools), someone in the process of trying to find a job, a person who never spends any money, or someone who has a huge savings account...you are spoiled. You do not have to work, you have to attend class and study. You do not have to budget for rent, gas, food, and other various expenses. You get to shop without feeling guilty for buying yourself anything. You get everything you want because "too expensive," isn't on your radar. I see this entirely too often in college. Please do not send your child to college with absolutely no work experience. They are entitled, spoiled, and should get a job.