With endless magazines, movies, and social media accounts reminding us why we are inadequate, it is important to find media to consume that instead reminds you of your worth. As a girl today, we need all of the positive influences we can get in our lives. We need to see women in control of their lives and their goals who show us what it looks like to really go for what we want. Here are five characters who show what women are really capable of and why we can be so powerful.

1. "Scandal"


Quite obviously holding the number one spot is Olivia Pope herself. The political campaign strategist turned "fixer" to the world's most powerful men is the epitome of a powerful woman. Olivia struggles throughout the show sacrificing her personal life for a career, but in the end, always prioritizes her own success. She knows what she wants and isn't about to let anyone, especially a man, stand in her way.

2. "Gilmore Girls"


Lorelai Gilmore has raised her daughter Rory to be as independent of a woman as possible. Without a man in the house, they rely on each other for everything and Lorelai always teaches Rory to do whatever she wants in life and to never compromise her dreams for a guy. The way Lorelai and Rory do what makes them happy without regard for what anyone else thinks of their decisions is admirable and their love for ice cream, Chinese food, and coffee is relatable for every girl.

3. "The Americans"


Elizabeth Jennings (her American cover name for the KGB) is the ultimate girl boss. Despite facing inequalities in the Soviet Union and living in a time in American history where women were anything but equals, she continuously proves herself to be the KGB's most reliable and successful agent in the US. She never takes no for an answer, least of all from her husband, and is perfectly capable of beating up FBI agents before getting caught. She gives the US government a run for their money daily and will stop at nothing to do what she thinks is right.

4. "How To Get Away With Murder"


Shonda's infamous leading ladies make another appearance on this list because Annalise Keating is a leading lawyer, professor, and a woman who succeeds despite her fair share of struggles. The show follows law students selected for her coveted internship, including two women who turn into girl bosses themselves. These girls know what they want their careers to look like and won't stop at anything to get it.

5. "Sex & The City"


Whether you relate more to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, or Charlotte, this show has a girl boss for you. These women, although they continuously lament about being single, consider each other their true soul mates. They all are incredibly successful at what they do and do whatever makes them happy. They encourage each other to never accept a guy who treats them for less than they're worth and can inspire all of us to fill our own lives with joy and other women who encourage us to embrace our power.

At the end of the day, we all know we need more positive female role models in popular media. These women aren't always perfect and we obviously shouldn't follow all of their decisions or mistakes, but in many ways, they represent women who are independent, powerful, and positive examples of women who challenge stereotypes and live their lives in whatever way they choose.