Girl Accidentally Runs Half Marathon

Girl Accidentally Runs Half Marathon

And shows us we can do it.

If you needed motivation to train for a half marathon, then you should know about LeeAdianez Rodriguez-Espada, the 12-year-old girl who accidentally ran a half marathon in Rochester, New York last week. She had signed up for a 5k, but ended up running 10 more miles. Five other 12-year-olds and a 7-year-old ran the race in case you thought Lee was an exception.

However, if you want to run a half marathon, or any race, you don’t have to accidentally do it. For people who like schedules, there are plans for runners ranging from beginner to advanced. These make you feel accountable, but beware the plans if you don’t like to be told what to do, but then feel bad when you don’t do something. Running when you feel like it, if you are self-disciplined, sometimes can lead to a PR, or personal record in running jargon. You wake up feeling like you want to run six instead of seven miles one week, so you run six miles, and then continue to listen to your body. Eventually, you do have to attempt running 10 to 11 miles, but you never have to run 13.1 until actual race day, which adds to the excitement and anticipation.

I’ve always said everyone can run a half marathon, which I still believe is true. If you have the ability to run and the desire to run, then you can do it. The same CNN article that announced LeeAdianez’s accidental accomplishment claimed that dogs have run half marathons before. If man’s best friend can endure 13.1 miles, then you can as well. I’m not saying that everyone needs to run a half marathon, but don’t discredit yourself or discourage yourself from running one on the assumption that you physically cannot. Physical constraints can either make or break us, and as more people attempt half marathons, I think they start to realize that certain constraints are actually just constructs of our own mind meant to deter us from trying.

If you search for Lee’s story, then you also find other stories of people accidentally running races. In 2015, a teenage boy accidentally ran the Philadelphia marathon. Evan Megoulas and Lee are just two people who have tricked their minds, which often stop us from going the extra mile, or 10, or 13.1.

What we learn from Lee is that running is 90 percent mental. If you want to run a race, whether it’s a 5k or a marathon, then just do it. Don’t make excuses about how you can’t, because Lee shows us that we can. Running doesn’t just have to be for track runners. It can be a way of challenging ourselves and allows us to quantitatively track our progress. Even though Lee was without a doubt the most sore she’s ever been after that race, she ran one the next weekend. If accidentally running a half marathon didn’t traumatize her to the point of never running again, then anything is possible.

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Science Fiction On Odyssey: Breaking News

Technological advances collapse society.

Breaking News.

The rising topic in the criminal justice field is the process of dream interrogation. Recent technology has allowed for the invention of a device that allows an investigator to climb into the brain of a suspect while they are unconscious and go into their thoughts for evidence.

The debate over this new process is whether or not it invades human privacy rights. Traditional investigation techniques could not force someone to disclose any information involuntarily. Prying information from someone's brain brings into question the discussion of consent.

Can someone consent to this internal interrogation if they are unconscious during it? If they consent to it beforehand, then does it become acceptable? In a time of new inventions beyond what we could ever imagine, the answer remains unclear.

To gain some clarity on the topic we brought in the top practicing detective of this technique, Benjamin Rotherford.

Q: Tell me Detective Rotherford, exactly how invasive is this investigation technique?

A: This procedure is not invasive at all. Prior to even beginning this type of investigation, I discuss the side effects and possible complications with the suspect in question. I also remind these suspects that a dream interrogation will completely clear them of any allegations.

Q: Exactly what kind of side effects and complications could arise from an interrogation that delves into the human subconscious?

A: The only possible side effects from this procedure are some disorientation, lapse in memory, and altered memory.

Q: Could an interrogator potentially purposefully alter the memories of a suspect?

A: In every case I have overseen, there has been no evidence to support that an investigator can alter a suspect's mind.

Q: But hypothetically, can an investigator plant the evidence in a suspect's mind that he is guilty or innocent?

A: As I said before, there is no evidence to support that.

Q: Do you see any downsides whatsoever to this form of interrogation?

A: No. There should not be a problem to consenting to this procedure unless someone has something to hide.

Q: Alright. That is all the time we have for this story. Thank you so much for your time Detective.

A: Of course. I hope I could clear up any controversies on the issue.

Onto other news, advanced medical procedures transforming people into semi-cyborgs have increasing complications leaving people across the nation disabled for life. The inventor of these surgeries is now being held in custody.

The authorities have yet to disclose his name. This suspect allegedly altered the test results allowing the surgery to move onto human test trials. The results have been devastating. He faces life in prison with no parole. The worst outcome of a surgery allegedly involves removal of an arm, leg, and eye, all for robotic replacement. Rejection of these transplants leave patients with missing limbs and no future hope.

In this time of advancing technology, we at channel three news advise everyone to be cautious out there. Of course, no one can forget the late Taylor Rhimes who tragically died last year from a droid malfunction. We hope to see you again tomorrow for the five o'clock news.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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The Beauty Of Books

"We read to know we're not alone" -William Nicholson

Ever since I was little, I have loved reading. Something about the way it transports us into a whole new world with exciting characters and intriguing dialogue has kept my attention for years. Reading is a form of escape for me. At any point of any day I am able to pick up a book of any genre and become the character within. This, to me, is liberating and exciting.

I don’t only read to escape though. I read to learn about the world and see perspectives that I never imagined possible. I read to experience emotions and ideas outside of my normal realm. I read to learn, to experience and to grow.

Think about how many books there are in the world. Think about all of the different beginnings and endings. Think of the alternate worlds and the endless supply of entertainment. That’s exciting, is it not? So many of us crave escape. So many of us crave something different.

Your life and what you do with it are constantly composing your personal story. That’s kind of intimidating if you think of it. We are confined to writing our life story. We are limited to our lives. How liberating it is to be able to live someone else’s experience for a few hours a week.

I am not telling you not to love your own life story. It is unique to you and no one else can tell it or experience it or love it like you do. But it is beneficial to let the weight off of your shoulders and get lost in the multitude of books. It is beneficial to get drown in the white pages. It is beneficial to follow the black ink on the pages until you lose sense of your own world and transport into another.

Whether you love literature, poetry, fiction or anything else that Barnes and Nobel has to offer, just love something. Find your genre and go wild. Escape your life for a second, take a deep breath and open up a book. Then go back to fearlessly writing your own life story.
Cover Image Credit: Abrie Richison

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