If 'Gilmore Girls' Characters Were College Majors
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If 'Gilmore Girls' Characters Were College Majors

Discover what classes your favorite Stars Hollow residents would end up in.

If 'Gilmore Girls' Characters Were College Majors

While not all of us may be lucky enough to be valedictorian of a fancy private school like Chilton or attend Yale like the brainy Rory Gilmore, tons of college students still love watching "Gilmore Girls" for its unique mix of clever dialogue, constant pop culture references, and lovable characters. Just like there's a college major for every single personality type, "Gilmore Girls" has such a huge cast that there truly is someone for every viewer to relate to.

Here's a rundown of where all our favorite quirky "GG" stars would fit in if they were assigned a different college major.

Lorelai Gilmore: Management/Hospitality

Lorelai's natural charm and determined, ambitious attitude made her the perfect fit to manage both the Independence Inn and The Dragonfly. Her creative ability to problem solve and get along with both employees and difficult customers makes her the perfect choice for her career in the hospitality industry.

Rory Gilmore: English Literature

While Rory's actual major may have been Journalism (a degree that's not even offered at Yale by the way) books and reading were always her number one love. Rory's passionate love for literature and her graduation speech about how books allowed her to explore other worlds are feelings every English major understands. Plus, as proven by her disappointing career path in the revival, she excels far more in teaching/studying/editing fields than in traditional investigative journalism.

Paris Geller: Political Science/Pre-Law

I'm still angry about the fact that Paris chose med school over law school. She's clearly got the brains to handle the difficult pre-med course load, but her intense, intimidating persona, interest in political debate and fierce intelligence gave her all the means to be a spectacular criminal attorney. What lawyer wouldn't be terrified to go head-to-head with Paris in the courtroom?

Sookie St. James: Culinary Arts

Obviously. Sookie was a master chef, able to create the most delicious five course meals and gorgeously decorated wedding cakes even from the most bizarre ingredients. Her love and enthusiasm for food and party planning means she would be top of the class at any culinary institute in the country.

Luke Danes: Nursing

Although some of you may be surprised at this choice, considering Luke's dream was always to run the diner and he never actually displayed interest in the medical field during the run of the show, the way he constantly went out of his way to help the people in his life is what a Nursing major is all about. From taking Jess into his home to always being there to support Lorelai in a crisis, Luke's compassion embodies all the great traits of the Nursing profession.

Lane Kim: Music/Performance:

Nothing can ever keep Lane Kim from rocking. If only instead of getting sent off to Seven Day Adventist College, Lane could have convinced Mrs. Kim to let her attend music school then she might have been able to improve her drumming skills even more and launched Hep Alien to the superstardom they deserved!

Dean Forester: Accounting

The embodiment of safe and dependable, Dean may not have been the most exciting romantic choice for Rory but he was the model of a sweet, first teenage love. Dean's reliability and honest work ethic makes him the ideal representation of an accounting major.

Jess Mariano: Publishing

Who didn't cheer when Jess announced that he had written his own book and was living with a cool group of up-in-coming artists in Philadelphia? Despite his troubled start, Jess proved he has the right combination of street smarts and deep interest in literature to make a splash in the publishing world.

Logan Huntzberger: Journalism

While the show always portrayed journalism as Rory's serious passion while Logan only joined the Daily News to please his newspaper mogul father, Logan actually exhibited all the traits of a talented journalist. His writing chops and adventurous attitude and proved he'd always be down to go out and get a story. Not to mention Daddy Huntzberger's connections could get him a great heads up in such a competitive field.

Emily Gilmore: Psychology

Even though Emily got a history degree from Smith, she's a true Psych major at heart. After watching seven seasons of her master manipulations, it's safe to say that no one knows how to get inside a person's head like the Gilmore matriarch. To quote Lorelai: "Honk if Emily Gilmore likes to use her mind as your own personal playground."

Richard Gilmore: Business/Finance

Sturdy, stable, and serious, Richard Gilmore was a business man through and through. He took great pride in his leadership role at his insurance company, and in the later seasons he even successfully started his own firm. As Richard himself said, he was never happier than when he could wake up in the morning, put on a nice suit, head to the office, and provide for his family.

Taylor Doose: Urban Planning (with a History minor)

Taylor may fancy himself a politician but the townies hatred of his leadership style and his obsession with buying up and controlling all the property in Stars Hollow proved that he works much better behind the scenes. Taylor's pride in his town's Revolutionary New England heritage (remember the interactive Stars Hollow War Museum?) shows that he also would've been a total history buff in college.

Kirk Gleason: Elementary Education

Let's be real, Kirk would definitely be a double (maybe even triple!) major. However, his youthful personality, endless energy, and involvement in thousands of town projects proves that Elementary Ed is where Kirk would truly shine.

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