25 Gifts To Get Your Best Friend

25 Gifts To Get Your Best Friend For Her Birthday When You’ve Known Her Since Birth

You're a true friend, you're here till the end, you pull me aside when something ain't right, talk with me now and into the night,
till it's alright again, you're a true friend...who deserves a bomb birthday present.

Lily Cooper

Best friends are one-of-a-kind and always there for you. If you are lucky enough to have one since birth, then cherish them forever. They say blood is thicker than water but in my opinion, friends are the family we get to choose and love. When it comes to their birthdays, you don't get them the usual gift card or mug gifts. You have to go all out and have fun with it. Check out these 25 gifts that you should get your best friend if you've known her since birth.

Matching pajamas.


Literally, name one thing more fun than running around in matching pajamas? Nothing. So go to Target or Amazon and buy two cute sets for a slumber party for you and your bestie.

A massage.


It's one of those things that we will always think about and crave but never act on. Do your best friend a favor and book her a full-body with the hottest masseuse you can find.

One-month personal trainer.


Personal trainers are nice because they show us how to safely workout, use equipment, and build muscle. It's a luxury few of us can afford on a regular basis, but even a class or two can work wonders for your gym life. Book your best friend (and yourself) a month of personal training (preferably with an attractive trainer) and get fit together.

Way more stickers than they actually need.


All your inside jokes, favorite TV shows, sayings, and witty remarks are most likely in sticker-form. Get them all for your best friend to plaster on her Hydroflask, laptop, etc. It's bound to put a smile on her face.

Custom coordinate necklace.


This is great for long-distance bff's. Put the coordinates of your location on a cute and trendy necklace to remind her that no matter how far away you two may be, you'll always be there for her.

Homesick Candle.


Another goodie for long-distance best friends, a homesick candle will remind your best friend of you every time she lights it. Get a state candle or a memory and have your friendship light up the room.

Long-distance friendship lamp.


Who wouldn't want one of these? Especially to annoy your friend at night. Just touch the lamp, light it up, and the connecting lamp will light up too. It's a bit annoying, and creepy, but could be funny enough to get your best friend, then never use again.

Taco Bell and Red Bull delivered at 1 a.m.


The best midnight snack is Taco Bell and Red Bull. Why not surprise your best friend late at night with a box of tacos and a case of Red Bull.

A cardboard cutout of your face.


So you can always be there for her.

A workout class.


Book her a Zumba class, or yourself a cycling session. The options are unlimited and could be the stress-reducing fun that you two needed.

Friendship necklaces.


Another cute friendship necklace that is elegant and classy. Forget the "BFF Forever" stuff. This one can be worn any day without feeling like a middle schooler.

Personalized gift boxes.


You know you best friend better than anybody. Who else could make such a perfect box tailored for your best friend? Leave it on her door step or mail it to her. Choose a color or theme and pick out a few of her favorite things.

A chunky blanket.


Whether you make it yourself or buy it, your friend will be in love with this comfortable blanket.

Bedazzled wine.


Buy your friend's favorite type of alcohol, get some gems or glitter from a craft store, combine them, and boom. One beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing bottle for her to cherish forever.

Manicure or pedicure.


Everybody loves getting their nails done. Why not get mani-pedis for two and catch up about life.

Tickets to a show.


Get tickets to a fun musical or concert! You don't have to break the bank either. A lot of nosebleed sections are inexpensive and just as great!

Go on an adventure.

Lily Cooper

Get in the car, pack some sandwiches and water, and drive somewhere. Go to a national park, a nearby city, or somewhere new you both haven't been. Sometimes just heading out without a plan is the greatest adventure of them all.

A Target shopping trip.


Take her to Target and give her a budget of 20 or more dollars. Take a cart and you two go shopping all throughout the store buying whatever you want on that budget each.

A scrapbook of you two from birth to now.

Lily Cooper

Collect all those photos your mom took of your two and make it into a cute little scrapbook from then to now. Your best friend will appreciate all the thought that went into it, and it will be a great thing to show both of your kids!

A disposable camera.


Buy a disposable camera and some film and go around your town all dressed up and fancy. Take photo after photo with each other as you do things. Take the film to a store and develop it. It's a fun and antique way to make memories that aren't digital.

Amazon Prime account.


I don't remember life without Amazon Prime. Don't let you bestie live without it either.


Lily Cooper

This is best for long-distance bff's. Book a plane ticket, buy some balloons, and surprise her on her birthday. She will literally not see it coming and it will be a fun time for everyone. Make sure you tell someone your coming though so you can plan where and when to surprise her.

There you have it! 25 amazing birthday gifts for your childhood BFF! They are all unique and tailored to be meaningful gifts that she will enjoy. Let me know if I missed anything on the list in the comments below!

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