14 Gifts We Actually Want For Valentines Day
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14 Gifts We Actually Want For Valentines Day

Here Are 14 Valentine's Gift Ideas To Save As Many Girlfriends As Possible From Receiving A Ridiculously Sized Teddy Bear.

14 Gifts We Actually Want For Valentines Day
Valentines Day is right around the corner..

For the typical 20-something American that means one thing- panic. Some of us are panicking because we are single on Valentines, yet again. The rest of us are panicking because we don't have a clue what to buy for our girlfriends or boyfriends that won't completely suck. With listening ears, and some strong opinions from many college students I came up with a go to list. So to save as many girlfriends as possible from receiving a ridiculously sized teddy bear they won't have room for in their apartments anyways, I am sharing this list of

Things People In Their 20-Somethings Actually Want For Valentines Day.

1. Dollar Shave club

Razors are like $24 a pop. Send razors directly to your special someone's door, and never worry about them prickling you when you snuggle again!


2. Alcohol

Okay, maybe not a bottle of Barefoot or a case of Natural Lite. Go out to a local brewery and buy your one-of-a-kind lover a one-of-a-kind brew!


3. Amazon Prime

What says I Love You more than free 2-day shipping for a year?! Not to mention all of the free movies, TV shows, Music, and more available through a prime membership. If you really want to make your special someone's day, you could even buy Alexa and give a gift that they will use every day to simplify their life.

4. K-Cups

These bad boys are pricey and essential! My advice to anyone who wants to win my heart- get me caffeinated. What's better than a gift that makes someone think for you every morning when they start their day?


5. Socks

Funny how the taboo gift of your childhood becomes an all-time favorite in adulthood. I'm not talking Hanes people. I'm talking wool. I'm talking insulated. I'm talking socks that will knock your socks off! My personal favorite are the brand FITS.


6. Spotify Premium

Hours of music that I can download and listen to anytime, and I don't have to use my data? Sign me up! Way better than an iTunes gift card.

7. A Corckcicle

This new insulated brand deserves 5 Stars! they've got everything from their signature whisky wedge to their insulated bottle that can hold a complete bottle of wine. These will keep your sweet tea cold for up to 24hrs and your coffee warm for 12hr; but mostly, its sure to warm hearts as a valentine gift.


8. Bose Mini Blu Tooth Speaker

This blu tooth speaker puts all others to shame! They're battery life is long lasting which makes this piece super portable for anywhere you may need it.


9. Tickets To A Music Festival

Everyone loves a music festival. The only thing that could make them any better is going with someone you love.

10. Birch Box $30

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Seriously, every month they'll get a new package full of great new beauty products sent to them.


11. Ancestry DNA $99

This one is fun and you can do it together. The only down side is that you have to wait a few weeks for the results.

12. Rubber wine glass

Great for tailgating, the beach, or just a clumsy drunk. These are so fun! They can be personalized, and they're dishwasher safe.


13. Jewelry with a purpose

I know, Walmart and Khole's have their finest selection of heart necklaces on display this time of year, but go off the beaten path-It will pay off. Puravida bracelets and wanderer Bracelets are two really popular casual brands that also give back. A step up from that would be the Alex and Ani line. All of theses brands offer personal jewelry that is unique to the person receiving it.




14. Pay a bill. ANY. BILL.

Whatever you give or get, and whoever you celebrate with-

don't forget to give some love this Valentines Day.

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