'Tis the season for gift giving and spreading love. For some reason, the holiday spirit makes everyone feel some kind of way wanting to give, give, give. While you're buying gifts for your family and friends, think about buying a product that supports local charities and causes. Just by purchasing specific products over others, you can not only give to your loved ones but to someone in need, as well.

Check out five products that not only are great items but give back to charities all over the world.

1. Passion Planner

Passion Planner


This one is for all you organized freaks out there. It's about to be a new year, which means new years resolutions. New year, more organized me, right? Well, with passion planner, this is a great item that'll help you and your friends to just that. Passion Planner is an amazing organizer that has some amazing features. I've been a loyal customer of Passion Planner for over a year now, and I'll never turn back! The planner allows you to focus on not only your to-do list for the week, but your week, month, and yearly aspirations and goals.

The best part? For every Passion Planner purchased, another planner gets donated. They've already donated over 240,000 planners to schools, organizations, and individuals alike. Each of their planners represents a different cause, as well; from breast cancer awareness to animal shelters to domestic violence.

Check out their products at their direct link or via Amazon.

2. LifeStraw



Every time you buy a LifeStraw product, a child in a developing country will receive a water supply for an entire year.

You read that right. LifeStraw is known for their filtered straws and water bottles that eliminate any bacteria, parasites, or viruses in the water. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is outdoor-centric, or someone looking to give back to a kid in a developing country.

Check out all their products here.

3. Brave Bands

Brave Bands


These fashionable and comfortable headbands give back 25% of their proceeds to a different Children's Hospital every month. In the month of December, they're doing a ton of sales, so make sure to head over to their Instagram to check them out! Who doesn't want to support the kids this season? These headbands are the perfect stocking stuffer!

Find their headbands here.

4. S'well

S'well Instagram


S'well water bottles are paving the way of plastic water bottle consumption. They're goal is to decrease world-wide plastic consumption. Buy one of these water bottles today to support!

Find the website here.

5. Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon


If you don't know about these your products, it's time to hop in the LYM train! This company is known for their winter hats but sells many different winter items like blankets, scarfs, and much more. LYM gives 50% of their proceeds to nonprofit organizations focussing on the fight against pediatric cancer and supports charities that help families and children battling cancer.

The items are a must have this winter season. Buy a hat.. for the kids!

Find their website here.