You just got your license and you are feeling free, grown and like a million bucks! Except your parents are still too nervous about letting you drive around by yourself, or worse… with your friends. For some, coming home from school means you have not touched a car in about five months so, you know, that means you might crash the car. So here you have a little something something to make you laugh about your driving skills. ;)

1.You just got your license.

Nothing and no one can stop you. The streets should be afraid now that you are out and about in the neighborhood!

2. But you are really a turtle.

You like to think that the streets and people should be afraid of you having a car but really you are going right on the speed limit, if not under, for the first few months after you get your license, and all the other drivers honk at you.

3. Other drivers scare the bejesus out of you.

You are a good driver nobody is denying that, but how can you know that the other drivers are good, huh? Huh? You might get into an accident and die today.
(Not really! I don't think anybody is that pessimistic);

4. You start getting confident, and then…

You hit that pothole your parents told you about and you get scared and start thinking that you are actually not that good of a driver and want to take a break.

5. You start getting confident, and then… (Part 2)

You parents, specially your dad (at least in my case), starts telling you everything you are doing wrong and how you should have avoided that pothole and which way is faster and everything. I know what I’m doing dad, I promise!

6. Your driving is pretty on point.

Your parking job though, not so much. You have hit the parking stoppers at the end of the parking spot and even gone on top of them when you try to go forward but you forgot the car was still on reverse. Yeah, it happens to the best of us.

7. Your parents finally trust you enough.

So they start asking you to drive your siblings everywhere and go grocery shopping and dropping them off at work and picking them up later again, ugh seriously guys? I have a life! Yeah it consists of watching TV and eating and laughing at vines, but like… it’s still a life!

8. When you are alone.

Or if you're with your sibling you can turn up the music and sing out loud, and it is the best driving related feeling ever.

9. And then you get that scare...

In which a dumb driver almost runs into your car while trying to get out of a crowded lane, but he clearly didn't even look into your lane because he would have smashed your car really hard if you hadn't been paying attention and had hit the break as hard as you could. Then you proceed to show them the middle finger and they show you theirs too… Why? I don't know but they messed up. Don't let them get you off driving though!

10. You realize that it is not that bad!

Driving has its good side and its bad side but after a while you just feel neutral about it. Unless you encounter another person like the one from number nine.