Getting to Know TCU's New Student Body President, Maddie Reddick
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Getting to Know TCU's New Student Body President, Maddie Reddick

Getting to Know TCU's New Student Body President, Maddie Reddick

I'm sure you're all very aware that we recently had a very competitive campaign season here at TCU. With signs covering every inch of lawn and constant campaigning at the Founders' Statue, you would've thought they were all running for president of the United States. Nope, just TCU Student Government. To some this might seem ridiculous. Why should we care who's in SGA? Well to answer that simply, SGA makes very important decisions for us as students.

The race is over, and we officially have a new student body president: Maddie Reddick. Reddick served as our Vice President of External Affairs this past year and is the only SGA member returning next year. During her tenure as Vice President, she made many impactful changes both on and off campus. One of these changes was fighting the TCU overlay, which would have made off-campus housing prices extremely high. Another success was improving the free airport shuttle system during holidays. She not only increased the number of shuttles, but organized the online reservation system and added shuttles going to Dallas Lovefield Airport. Another notable victory by Reddick was her success in adding 100 more free prints beginning Fall 2015. Students will now have 300 free prints due to popular demand. (Read more about this here.)

Sure, you might have heard all of these success stories during her campaign, but how well do you know Ms. Reddick? I decided to chat with her to find out more about her before she begins leading our amazing school.

Maddie, why did you first decide to run for Student Body President?
I'm passionate about serving students. In SGA, we have the unique opportunity to reach out to students, hear their needs and then respond to those needs with our resources and connections. As Vice President this past year, I learned how to represent the student voice effectively, and now I feel incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to represent you again next year.

Many people on Yik Yak have criticized you for rocking Chacos with your business suit during your campaign. What would you say to these fashion police?
At least I didn't wear socks!

Haha, good one! Now for the real pressing issue: If you could have anyone in the whole world play at our fall concert, who would you choose?
Nickelback. Just kidding, NSYNC.

You're quite the jokester. Tell us about your most embarrassing moment at TCU thus far.
One night freshman year, my soon-to-be roommate Laura Beth and I were sitting in my car in the packed parking lot, jamming out to Usher's Yeah. You know those nights: the music is cranked, and you're singing at the top of your lungs. Anyway, some guy knocked on my car window, catching us mid-lyric and scaring us half to death. We rolled down the window, and he looked quizzically at us, asking if we were going to leave the coveted parking spot, to which we had to reply no. There's nothing quite like being caught red-handed in the middle of a jam session.

Yikes. That's the worst. Maybe even worse than parking spot-stalking. If you could get TCU to offer one class of your choice, what would you choose?
A study of the current Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is my idol, and my nerdy pastime is reading Supreme Court cases for fun.

Well, that's certainly unique. If someone were to play you in a movie about your life, who would it be?
Kerry Washington (AKA Olivia Pope).

What's a fun fact that TCU students probably don't know about you?
I own a shark Pillow Pet named Toby that travels with me everywhere. He's been around the world—Mexico, the Dominican, London, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, New York, DC. He's one well-traveled shark.

If you could give one piece of advice to current and future TCU students, what would it be?
Live in the moment. These years go by so quickly, so take them in. Enjoy the BLUU while you have it, order Toppers at 2:00 in the morning just because, check out the football stadium at night, buy all things purple. Enjoy every minute you have on this incredible campus!

All great advice! Should we expect to see you campaigning for POTUS in the future?
I'm much more of a SCOTUS kind of person. My absolute dream job would be Supreme Court justice, but first, I have to make it through law school!

I don't know about you, but I feel completely comfortable with our school in Maddie Reddick's hands. This woman has high aspirations and will stop at nothing to achieve them. Congratulations on your victory Maddie, we look forward to seeing what you will do!

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