The More I Get the Greedier I Become
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The More I Get the Greedier I Become

Generosity doesn't increase with pay raise.

The More I Get the Greedier I Become

Greed doesn’t get easier when you get more. It actually grows.

This has become a tangible struggle for me. The virus of selfishness has seeded itself into my inner being, planting itself in the fertile soil of insecurity. Greed fills the gaping hole of insecurity. The seed fits almost perfectly… but not quite. There is a dissatisfaction that looms.

Under the strong encouragement of my parents, I have gotten a job. Sorority dues and weekly meals out don’t pay for themselves. Plus, taking responsibility for my interests and expenses is not a bad thing.

I love working. I love having a purpose and a little extra cash. However, I noticed last semester that this extra spending money was doing more harm than help.

I became greedy.

The struggle of greed has not been this apparent or difficult for me prior to my part-time employment. Gift giving is how I show love and for those close to me I have no limit, but his holiday season was slightly different. Buying gifts was not as enjoyable or thrilling as before. I found myself stressing over each dollar that left my bank account… and I then struggled with my struggle.

It hurt my heart knowing how greedy I was being. I entered into a civil war full of pain. Pain induced by a surfacing selfishness.

First hand I experienced the truth behind the statement “giving doesn’t become easier when you have more.” Though, that’s how we live when we have less. We live under the impression, the belief, the lie that when we have more, we will give more; that there is a correlated, direct relationship between our incomes and our charities. This is the lie of greed, the seed that is planted in our hearts early on.

It plants when we have nothing, or seemingly so, and grows as our bank accounts do, as our wallets expand and incomes increase.

I believe the best way, and quite possibly the only way, to combat this growth is to give when it hurts, financially and emotionally to exercise the muscle of giving and selflessness. Muscles are only strong when you work them. The muscle of generosity is no different.

The life of greed will begin to whither as generosity grows. Cut back the greed and selfishness by expanding your vision beyond yourself. Grow your heart towards others and their needs. Flee from self-absorbed endeavors.

When you think about it, we have nothing to be greedy over. Nothing is ours. Sure we may earn a salary and claim it to be ours, but it really isn’t. Everything belongs to the Creator of the earth.

We cannot take anything out. We come into the world with nothing and leave with nothing, so why are we so greedy? Why do we store up treasures and pennies? In an elevated perspective, wealth is seemingly meaningless…

Don’t become so allured by the attractions of a lifestyle that is complete by the standards of society. It will never be full. Completeness is found in ultimate selflessness.

Give a little and you will be given much in return, much greater than goods or gold. Joy will be returned to us in exchange. What more could we ask for?

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