How LSU Freshmen Can Get Involved On Campus
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The Comprehensive Guide To Getting Involved On Campus In Your First Semester At LSU

It maybe overwhelming, but it is definitely worth it.

The Comprehensive Guide To Getting Involved On Campus In Your First Semester At LSU

During freshman orientation, I am sure we all heard the same line.

"Get involved on campus! We have hundreds of clubs to get involved in. From movie clubs to Quidditch teams, you can definitely find something for you."

I don't know about everyone else, but this line made me excited, but also very overwhelmed. With so many clubs, where do I begin? How do I decide which clubs could actually benefit me on campus? How can I tell if these clubs really meet every week?

After learning the answers to those questions the hard way, I have decided to create a guide to meet cool people you are similar to in an organization that you actually care about.

1. Major related organizations

Starting with your senior college's organizations is an awesome way to get involved. These normally help you learn more about your field of study and looks great on a resume. You also find people similar to you, based on your interests in the same major. This is also a great way to meet more people in your classes and find some study buddies. You should be passionate about the subject of the organization because it is your major!

2. Find something you are passionate about

Whether you are passionate about politics, the environment, or Harry Potter there are clubs for it on LSU's campus. Simply go on Tigerlink, search your interest, find the club, and then email the leader or adviser of the organization to find details on meeting times and days. Chances are if someone cares enough to make a club about the topic, they are just as passionate as you are.

3. UREC classes

Signing up for workout classes at the LSU UREC is both fun and good for you. This way you can meet people who are motivated, and hopefully, they can encourage you as well! Not to mention LSU's three-story UREC is pretty awesome!

4. Volunteer groups

Organizations that specialize in volunteering help you meet people and they look amazing on your resume. If you volunteer for something you care about, it won't feel like work at all!

5. Christian organizations

If you're a Christian, definitely get involved with the churches on campus. Groups like Christ the King, Baptist College Ministry, and many more are some of the nicest people I have ever met. This is a great place to find people who constantly encourage and uplift you.

6. Social clubs

You won't be able to get through college without having a little fun! Social clubs like Greek Life are very well rounded. They tend to encourage your academics and volunteering, while still putting on social events like formals. Fall recruitment is over, but there's always Spring Recruitment next semester!

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