There are vast differences between my generation and my parent’s generation. In my parent’s time, their home country was their whole world and they were stuck in that bubble. In my time, we’ve been taught to burst that bubble and connect to all everyone by making the entire earth our whole world. The differences between our generations are divided into five categories.

1. Technology

Our society is integrating the idea of technology and the use of it. For example, back then, the only technology my parents had was a home phone. Cell phones in my parents' time became popular around the year 2002. Today, most children are getting exposed to the latest cell phones at a much younger age than back in the older days. Nowadays, there are institutions in our society revolving around the STEM curriculum, which is based on technology. Students have required some type of technology, and some schools even provide laptops for the students to use. Now, there are digital textbooks available for the students. In my parent’s generation, their own resource would be to study a hand copy textbook.

2. Availability of communication

In the previous generations, communication was through handwritten letters and would arrive between 10 and 15 days. Sometimes, even longer. If you had to send an urgent message, or if someone else had to send you an important message, the person would use telegrams. At that time, telegrams was the fastest way to communicate. In today’s time, text messages are sent and received immediately. There are now social media, like Whatsapp, where you can communicate long distance.

3. Environmental Changes

During my parent’s time period, they did not think about the environmental changes, like pollution. This was because vehicles like cars were not popular back then. Presently, cars are very common. Recently, they have made electric cars, like the Nissan leaf, to help reduce the pollution. In our community today, there is more concern about pollution due to the fact that now there are many factories and cars being used daily.

4. Coca Cola

Throughout history, Coca Cola bottles have dramatically changed. In my parents' time, the Coca Cola bottle was glass and slightly tinted white. Over time, the company Coca Cola has made plastic bottles that are less expensive than the glass bottle. However, it is also not healthy to drink from a plastic bottle.

5. Marriages

Back then, many young women and men would get married at an earlier age. Their marriages would usually be arranged. However in our generation, we are encouraged to continue our education and have the choice to marry whoever we want.