I have a message for our generation and everyone coming after us.

I am not here to bash you, but I am also not here to elevate you to a level you are not yet at.

We don't know it all. Let's stop acting like we do because we get our news from social media. Turn on CNN, Fox News, ABC, and watch it while you drink your morning tea. Get up and go to class, and actually pay attention, even if you hate what's being taught. There are a lot of things about our society that our generation has created, and they're not all things to be proud of. Let's show everyone the great things we can do.

Our generation is unique, and we have new skills that past generations have never thought to utilize. We are skilled with technology, we're social thinkers, we have great interpersonal skills - let's use all those things. Let's put our plans into action and when they fail, step back and figure out what we can do better next time. Every generation has been faced with what is in front of us now: a changing world. Every generation has had to step up to the plate and figure it out, just like we will have to.

Let's remember that it's not just about us. There's a generation above us that we must look up to, and another after us that we have to create a world for. This past presidential election has had a huge impact on politics and the media's agenda. Our generation will be inheriting the good, bad, and ugly things about it. In 10 years, we may be in the position to influence the things in our world that we may or may not like. Get ready for it.

Educate yourself and open your mind to people who don't think the same way that you do - whether you agree or disagree with them in the end, it doesn't matter. You still have to listen. Listening is a big part of learning.

One day we're going to be in charge. Don't leave the world we'll lead to chance.